How can I increase my exercise through the day?

Jessica F.
Start early, plan, and have a special reward for when you complete your exercise. It could be a show you like to watch, hot shower, etc. Plan for adding just one extra minute to your workout each day and reward yourself after to keep the good vibes going!
Line T.
Through the day easiest way to increase exercise is to create tasks for yourself that will require more walking, ..park further from the mall entrance or grocery store when you go out. When you are home..take walk around the block..I named the block around my house, mount just walking around the block seemed so daunting. Once I completed that, I set out to increase my goal a little longer everday. Also if you leave weights or exercise equipment within reach around your home in places where you normally tend to sit like the couch, maybe put a exercise ball next to it instead and sit on that and work on your posture or stretches. Anyways good luck
L Ane Z.
You could exercise in the morning and afternoon if you prefer those times but I would just exercise 2 times a day if you want to increase it or exercise for a long time but I would prefer 2 times a day.
Michelle X.
Little workouts! Trying to commit to 30 minutes or an hour is overwhelming for me. But I can do 10 minutes in the morning, I can do 10 minutes of walking after I get off work, I can do 10 minutes of stretching before bed. That's 30 minutes of exercise without any big chunk of your day gone and almost no new equipment or clothes
Ot Lia Q.
Try to find a beginner exercise routine the night before so you are prepared what you will do in the morning.
Try to drink water first thing when you open your eyes.
Freshen up. Brush your teeth.
Sit down in with folded legs and take some deep breaths.
When you are relaxed follow the exercise you found at night and workout. it can be 5 minutes workout or 10 minutes workout.
After that drink water again and take a bath.
Last step is to have a nice healthy breakfast.
These steps are going to make you feel fresh and active right in the morning and you would be wanted to use your body more and more.
Keep a target of completing a number of steps in the day.
This is how you would be able to exercise through the day.
It all depends on how you start your day.
Angel O.
Have a stronger mentality towards health. My lungs aren’t the best right now and I hate it so much. So let’s change that.
David F.
Make it fun. Find something that brings you joy instead of frustration. For instance, I hate running. But I love music so I dance and exercise becomes enjoyable and I look forward to it. Find what works for you.
Maria S.
To set the intention of creating more movement in the body first thing in the morning. Make time to do a small amount of movement first thing in the morning and you’ll be on your way.
Rebekah G.
Park Your car as far away as possible when you go shopping. Instead of leaving the cart by your car, turn it to it’s proper place. You’ll be surprised how many steps you’ll rack Up.
Rhondel Q.
The first step is to acknowledge the length of time and set a target. Then as you begin you ensure you are breathing properly and know that you will feel better when you are finished.
Tim T.
Start with morning stretches, then before lunch maybe a few weights or strength exercises then before dinner do some cardio as running or walking outside, change them around to keep it interesting, just a few minutes scattered around the day make a huge difference 🙂
Philip X.
Take mini breaks and walk for 5 minutes
Use the stairs rather than the lift
Park at the farthest parking when you shopping
Do some squats when on a mini break usually after 2 hours of sitting
Jacob G.
It really does come down to the little things. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator parking to the very back of the parking lot when you go to the store or work. Walking to your mailbox. Do a little Cha-Cha from your bedroom to the kitchen in the morning. it lightens your mood and gets your blood flowing =)
Oceano N.
I increased myself by using the technology. Finding online live classes helped me to maintain consistency as it's easy to arrange the time to join them 🙂
Sophie T.
One thing I love to do throughout the day is go for a small walk, it doesn't need to be a long one or fast walking, but a light gentle walk around the neighborhood or park is perfect for getting more exercise in through the day!
Hunter S.
Don't focus on just a 45 minute routine, think about all the steps through the day, or the activities you have to do all day long