How do you make exercise a more regular part of your life?

Anjieleena N.
You can make exercise a more regular part of your life by scheduling it into your own personal desk calendars which you should want to have for yourself at home on your desk and by making yourself to really want to do it, as well as getting someone really close to you to really make you want to do it for you. You can take say for example three different of your most favorite physical fitness based activities , create a really fun workout routine which consists of these activities for yourself and really work on putting together a very cool simple to follow through type of schedule for you to participate in as fully as you can for yourself with your own support people in your own ways at your own pace for you, yourself and you only, you can even make sure that your own close friends/ people you support for yourself do it with you, monitoring your own progress as you go.
Marius C.
I play soccer and make sure I am committed to my team and show up and try my best for them. I also go to the gym every day that I don’t have soccer in order to get stronger and more look more fit. It also helps me keep my mind off things and really puts me in a good mood.
Claire S.
I motivate myself and give myself a little pep talk speech inside my head saying hey if you get to your goal weight not only will you feel good and look good and not get diabetes , but you prove you accomplish something and perhaps the one you love will be into you more and want to also be with you