What does one do to celebrate to positively reinforce a habit?

Krizel N.
I usually do a celebratory dance to the tune of Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are 🤣 or I give myself extra time to do things I love like: sauna.
Maxwell N.
I like to dance, Hugh myself, and say in loud voice that I’m proud of myself. I also write it down on my diary to keep register of my achievements. I also like to indulge myself in a snack that I like, but I try to be careful with that because I’m worried to always relate food to a prize.
Samantha O.
I listen to a short song, my current favorite. It takes two minutes and it makes me genuinely happy. I've tried other things but this one works the best.
Alice O.
When you have mastered one positive, you add a new habbit and keep on the right path.
When I was a child I can remember my mother celebrating an achievement by indulging in one of her favorite dishes. The problem with this was she was typically trying to follow a diet regime and this would cause her to backside. In order to keep up with our progress we need to keep moving forward and not look back.
Personally I celebrate with photos of my journey and keep going. Best of luck to you.
Nikolaj E.
Telling something nice to yourself, even write it down so you can come back later any time you feel upset or that your motivation has gone
Alex N.
Idk if I really physically celebrate a positivities habit. But I do look at myself and say yeah I did it! Then move onto the next task. I don’t really take a good moment to celebrate, unless it’s a huge accomplishment!
Geci N.
I say kind things to myself and reinforce the fact that I am making choices that I am proud of even on the hard days even on the days I was supposed to do my cardio workouts and didn’t feel like it or didn’t have the energy I did yoga but I still did something and gave my body what it needed
Jata X.
I just stop for a moment, allow myself to be fully aware that I accomplished something and also listen for a moment for naturesounds from fabulous app.
Gilbert O.
I like to reward myself with a (healthy) treat afterwards, something that I only have after that particular habit. For example, I find it very hard to get up and do some exercise. So before exercising, I make my favourite protein smoothie and put it in the fridge. Then while I am exercising I know that it is waiting for me, and when I finish I can sit down for a few minutes and enjoy my smoothie, while acknowledging my good work. It's like a double pat on the back!
Dietlinde Z.
I like to give myself a treat. Like time to watch a show or time for me to play a video game. Anything that could be used as a "reward". I have a daughter that likes to ride her dirt bike, so if we get all or stuff done for the week we go riding for the weekend.
Chelsea U.
Do a little dance , share your joy about completing the thing, take a positive selfie, write a positive note to yourself as celebration and reminder <3
Florian N.
I am working on not rewarding myself with food treats. I have a long term goal of buying myself a nice piece of jewelry. Currently, I'll buy myself a small reward like a pair of shoes or something that helps reinforce that habit like a new water bottle 😁 even though I have way too many, but it makes me happy.
Allison S.
Sit down and think about what I am celebrating and why. Then write down in detail how the habit will help me feel fabulous through the day and why it has made me feel so good. Also make sure I smile and do a dance
Rosemerie N.
Look sincerely at myself in the mirror. Smile warmly. Notice how happy I look and connect that with my feeling of happiness. Then after this small but important moment, jump up into the air and say “yes!” 🙌🙌🙌❤️🌈