What exercise can be done without any equipment and can help reduce weight?

Michelle S.
First warm up with a few minutes of stretching or yoga. Then walk at home or dance or do some aerobics. Finish up with more stretches.

Oana N.
I have a tendency of not sticking to exercise schedules, so instead I like taking a walk outside every morning. Because I have trouble keeping up with myself I like telling myself that any walk length is good length.
I usually walk my dog in the morning, so that's a good cue to never forget or neglect my morning walk. My dog will always remind me that I take her out every day as soon as I get downstairs.

Victoria Z.
I like to start off with jumping jacks then I do abdominal crunches and normal setups Or push ups And incline push ups and wide arm push ups other than that I like to use different apps to help me workout