If you do two excercises per day, lower body and upper body, respectively, which one should you do in the morning versus at night?

L Onard O.
I personally think that you should exercise the lower part of your body in the morning and the upper part in the night. In the morning you are mostly like to walk, run or jog so it makes sense to do that. In the night, you are going to rest and you don't want any back pains so to exercise the upper part in the night would be more beneficial for you.
Jordan W.
Well I don't know it in the scientific way, but I do both in the evening. I think it's better to focus your lower body in the morning and upper body at night.
Alfeu E.
I don’t have a professional say but, I suppose dependant on the work you’re required to do on the day and the day after should determine which exercise to do in the morning if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking/running and you do the leg exercises that morning you may find your leg muscles incredibly fatigued if the exercise and work load was intense. If I was to choose, I’d prefer arm exercises in the morning as We constantly use our legs throughout the day.
Howard S.
Lower body in the morning to get that circulation going. Upper in the evening to loosen tension in shoulders and back after a day’s work.
Audrey E.
This depends upon the purpose of your exercise, if for flexibility and to maintain strength. My exercises , For my age, is to maintain strength, increased flexibility, as well as to overcome the Effects or symptoms of arthritis. So I do all mine first thing in the morning shortly after Rising to start my day.
Michaele X.
Depends on activities your doing during the day, if it involves a lot of walking then I'd go for upper in the morning or if you are doing a lot of lifting such as moving house I'd go for lower first!
Scott P.
In the morning upper body it is more easy and give me more energy for the day. In the night lower body it is more difficult and letter can be sleep
Marie C.
upper body in the beginning of the day so you still have strength in your lower body to get around. lower body later so you can recover while you rest
Johnni T.
Hi there, I think I would do the upper body in the morning to help breathing, open the chest, clear my head and give strength to my arms. In the evening I am in need of grounding, so the lower body exercise would be good.
Regina T.
Personally, I would do lower body in the morning. Activating/working out from the bottom of the body up burns more calories effectively. Truly, a quality 30 minute to 1 hour stretch/yoga with an evening weights/reps/cardio is a good balance for me optimally. Best wishes and good health! -Lauren