When you get up late and all your plans and routines seem broken – what do you do? Do you give up for the day?

Brianna M.
Not at all! When I do wake up late I start my day as I normally would. I still wake up and do the same things I would have if I woke up on time. I have learned to not dwell on things that you cannot change. You can’t go back in time and make yourself wake up earlier. The best thing you can do is look at the positives of things and tell yourself you will have a good day.
Katarina X.
If I get up a little later than normal I miss out on some quiet time in the morning which I love. I most certainly don't give up on the day but getting out of my routine stresses me out. During this Covid-19 work from home era nobody see's you get to the office late but I feel a little guilty.
Felecia T.
I do not give up on the day. I try to complete as many routines as I can and focus on the ones that really matter to me like taking my medications, taking my vitamins, breathing and meditating and exercising. Those are the main activities that help me function each day. So do as much as you can without stressing yourself out. These routines are to help manage stress, not provide more stress.
Dra T.
We can't change the past unfortunately, but we can act and change the future. If you let the past, your missing morning, dictate the rest of the day, that unhealthy attitude might slip in the next day as well. Try to make the best of the day, exercise regardless if it's not morning, do something productive or just continue with the other routines that lie ahead. We are human after all, we sleep in from time to time and that is okay.
Max U.
I give up every single time. I think it ruins my day. I hate myself but some days I try to make it work but I hate stress so I usually don’t do that. Also, I’m really insecure so when I don’t wake up on time I tend to call myself lazy because that’s what I am…
Rachel F.
No I don't give up for the day. When I get up late for that day I say to myself that it can happen, and make another routine for that day. I'm not perfect, but i can do it,always think positive and reach your goals..
Megan Z.
Absolutely not! I just start my habits a little later or I adjust my routine slightly for that day. It is so important also to not see this as an opportunity to 'give up'. It is an opportunity to tackle an obstacle head-on and not let it get the better of the new you.
Kristen U.
When I get up late or I miss out on my morning routines, I salvage my day as much as possible by doing my next routine on time (such as my afternoon routine) then make it a point to make up my morning routine sometime during the day. I may take shortcuts but at least I am doing them—for example, I will do a quick yoga stretch as my exercise instead of a full-blown walk.