Can you feel the effect of exercising?

Cl Ment Y.
I usually do workout. and yes it boosts my confident and make me feel less worst. After starting workout I barely get depression and now I hang out with people I don't know more without any stress.
Also it prevented me from becoming sick. Even if I do it wont last longer than 2 days and even on those 2 days I'm able to do my jobs. so yes I say exercise is the best thing that changed my life
Francisco N.
Can't really feel the effect as it's only been 2 days of excercising but the sense of achievement one gets is far more better because it implies that person is enjoying the process rather than stressing on results which will help them in being consistent in their journey.👍🏻🌞
Gail Z.
yes i feel like i have more energy, doing exercise is easier and my stamina is very good. I also am and feel stronger. I look good which makes me feel good in my skin.