I have a hard time getting out of bed on the mornings my husband doesn’t have to get up— how do I leave the cuddles and blanket warmth to get up and at ‘em?

Alexandru Q.
Well, it's pretty hard to answer this, as I'm not a woman and I don't have a husband 🙂 but I think that you can change the associations that you built up with others. For example, you can make brakfast for the 2 of you and serve it in bed. I think it will help you get a little more active, and spend some time in bed as well. 😀 I hope it helps you guys. Cheers!
Tedy N.
Put your alarm on the other side of the room… that way you’re going to HAVE to get up and turn off the alarm. Just remember… do not go back to bed. 🙂
Dorian Z.
This is tough! I believe this is all about moderation. Once a week? No big deal. Everyday? That’s a problem. Hugs and being close to those you love can help lower stress and enhance mental health so don’t neglect it! Maybe get him involved some days? Just an idea.
Mikkel Z.
Have something to get up for. Find a activity you enjoy doing. I like Tai chi and I like doing it in the morning, so that gets me up early ☺
Ac Lio Q.
I know it is not easy, but try it for 1 week and see the difference. See the beautiful peaceful moments you can have when everyone is sleeping and you are up. Get up and go for a run or walk outside. Breathe in the fresh morning air which is going to make you feel better and boost your spirits. Or grab a cup of coffee or tea and open your windows and watch and feel the morning sunrise. Wake up and do what you want to do, it can be anything like doing yoga, cooking, painting or literally anything. Now it is your choice whether you want or not. But choice wisely
Sara R.
When I wake up, a put on a feel good playlist on to listen to. This motivates me, and while I do the goals I've set for myself, I listen to the playlist. I also just get it done. Whether I like it or not, I get out of bed and do whatever I need to do. If I don't want to get out of my bed, I look at the bigger picture and what I want to do to better myself and how I'll feel once I finish what I need to do. This makes me get out of bed on the harder days. Thanks for reading!! 😀
Gia Q.
Use an app called puzzle clock. Basically when the alarm goes off it will give you a set of puzzles. The alarm will only go off if you complete the puzzles. And by the time you final the puzzles you are totally awake
Olivia T.
I have felt the same way about morning cuddles with husband, child & puppy for years. For you, make sure you get up & at ‘em on the none cuddle mornings, so you can enjoy ‘em when they DO happen. Then know that you made a loving & enjoyable choice & be ok with it. And perhaps “get up & at ‘em” right after the cuddles.
Leslie E.
Sleep early so u can wake up in the morning. Avoid using mobile atleast half hour before you go to bed.do exercise regularly so you can fall asleep fast.
Do meditation once a day so you will have deep sleep so you feel relaxed stressful and energetic. Because of meditation you will have good sleep in short time and you can wake in morning without any alarm .as you complete your sleep very well .
Arnold E.
I mean honestly it is a matter of getting used to it and training the mind to get up once it hears the alarm. Putting the phone across the room can’t help to get you out of bed but you have to resist going back in maybe by having a treat or anything that might motivate you to stay up like having your alarm by your coffee machine or next to a chill you glass of water. It also matter that you sleep early the previous night keeping at least 7 hours of sleep daily and sleeping in when possible on the weekends to give you body some Moreno rest to continue on with what it is doing and rewarding it. Also preparing can mean putting away you phone before you sleep by at least an hour if possible, reading when possible and most importantly creating an exciting and motivating night routine to make you sleep with a smile. All these can make you wanna wake up early especially if you put the intention before you sleep and tell yourself, “ I will happily wake up early as I slept tomorrow to……….”
Good luck and hope this is helpful
Troy P.
think of what is waiting for you after getting out of bed, as tempting as it is to lay in bed and cuddle, there’s more out of bed than there is in it.
Sarah S.
If you have a coffee pot with a preset function, you can get coffee set up before bed and have it start brewing in the morning? Knowing you already have a cup of coffee waiting for you might be nice. If you dont drink coffee, can set your alarm in another room? Or have slippers/something warm to put your feet in right next to the bed. It's not cuddles, but at least your feet won't be cold!
Adam I.
I understand your struggle, however at this point the only thing you can do is do avoid the temptation to stay in bed.
As amazing as it is, try to keep it for weekends (or specific days) and enjoy it, embrace it… however only on those specific days, otherwise it will remain an everyday struggle to get out of bed. Willpower is all that will help at that point, try to have a sense of duty,why do you need to get out of bed,get yourself in the right headspace the night before, so that when you will open your eyes,you will get out of bed. I hope this helped. 🙂 Good luck!