Which short (max 10 min) yoga/ stretching routine do you recommend to do first thing in the morning?

Barbiere Q.
I actually don't use the yoga that are on the app itself. I don't prefer them. I use DownDog instead for an equal amount of time.
Mario P.
SarahBethYoga is really good YouTube channel. U can find her 10 min yoga for beginners video. You can also see other videos and choose which ever u like. I recommend doing yoga by following her video (simultaneously), you will enjoy doing it because you won't get bored and you will be motivated and will feel like doing it every single day.
Malo I.
Surya Namaskar ( a set of 13 postures in sequence)at home is the best but if it isn’t easy for you just get out and circle your house and come back
Annett N.
I'm a yoga teacher so I have good skills for following my intuition of what I need. But when I want to turn my brain off, I love Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube or Cassey Ho (Blogilates) for something more active
Bertram C.
Start with the basics to build good fundamentals. Do Tadasana to begin the routine, and follow up by breathing in deeply and stretching your hands above your head. Stretch them to the sides next, and then back to Tadasana. Do this 3 times slowly so you can really feel the stretch and not cause harm your body. To work the lower part of the body I do Downward Dog into Cobra, which can be repeated several times. These simple poses take little time to do and have great benefits for posture and clarity over time. (I highly recommend looking up these poses so that you can experience the full benefits of the stretches. Hope this helps!)
Lauren C.
For first thing in the morning I suggest a stretching routine that focuses on the back, hips, quads and hamstrings. If you are a side sleeper add some stretching for your shoulders and neck. The body has been laying for at 6-7 hours so it’s stiff and a good morning full body stretch is a perfect wake up.
Tracey W.
For yoga, I use the Down Dog app. You can adjust the level, duration, etc and it creates a different routine for you every time you use it. I like it because it removes the need to think about what I’m going to do, while also providing variety so I don’t get bored.
Daniela A.
I do a variation on the sun salutation. I focus on stretching my body from the ground to the sky in a shoulder length stance, extending my arms. I then slowly bring my arms down and start to curl my body down, extending my arms to the floor to stretch my back and legs. I repeat the process 3 to 5 times in the morning. It takes me 5 minutes at the most. It would depend on how stretched out you would want to be.
Asta N.
I really like a variation of sun salutation, with forward folds. I also need a little twist for my back to limber up. Sometimes I just lay on the ball, front and back.
Addison J.
My favourite is 5 minutes of meditation using an app (I like headspace). Then follow it with a couple of minutes of back stretches to compensate for hours of sleeping. This wakes me up and sets me up nicely for the day ahead. Good luck!
Daisy X.
My favorite is the cat/cow stretch for my back. I also like to stretch my neck and shoulders where I carry most my stress.