How many times on average do you work out per week and what’s the percentage of high versus low intensity?

Hansa N.
im a student and spend my time in school from 7am to 9pm (i enjoy it dw!) so it doesnt give me a lot of time to work out. so instead spend 15 minutes doing surya namaskar and pranayam :))) it has helped me so much my body and mind feel a lot healthier because of it <3 i do this everyday :))
Emma S H.
Personally, I do 5 days a week. Each day focus on not only my body’s appearance but my strengths. There is even times, I give myself a short workout at home, if I had the free time which I highly recommend. You always have time
Florent T.
I do workout almost every single day without even forgetting it. And the percentage of hight intensity a bit more than the low intensity one.
Codi J.
I work out typically 5 times a week. I would say it depends on my schedule. I try to run everyday for a mile and/or go to jiujitsu. If I’m tired then go for a walk or lift weights at the gym.
Tonya Y.
I work out 5 times a week Monday – Friday. Weekends are my time to test. I do low intensity workouts with high weight. And I to high intensity cardio 3x a week.