When is better, morning or evening to exercise?

Perry F.
i personally like doing streches in the evening to unwind and fall asleep easiest and then wake without back and shoulder pain the next morning
Clarissa O.
I'd say mornings. I usually feel better in the morning. During the day, my energy decreases very rapidly, so it is easier for me to make an excuse not to exercise.
Diaconu P.
I do both in the morning and in the evening, but if you don't have much time in the morning you can meditate for 5 minutes and do sports in the evening.
Willow O.
Well, For Me Personally, I Prefer Morning Exercise. Get Up Early! Do A Workout! It Always Makes Me Feel Great In The Morning.
Franca A.
I personally prefer evening to exercise, because you have done so much work and you just need to let your body rewind, by doing exercise it makes your body nice and healthy and you feel a lot more refreshed.