I want to do 100 push-ups daily. But I’ve never achieved that. What should I do to have this daily 100 push-ups habit?

Alec E.
Start slow. Do a 10 minute work out, and it doesn’t have to be strenuous, just something to get the heart pumping. Try adding some building blocks of push-ups like planks and crunches. When you feel confident to try and do push-ups then try them. Give yourself a small goal of about five push-ups one day and slowly increase them as your stamina and muscles increase. Always stretch before, and usually afterwards, when exercising. It can be difficult to reach that goal, but if you persevere you’ll eventually reach that goal of 100 push-ups.
Nayeli S F.
To keep this habit, start out with a smaller amount of push ups like 25 of them, then add more each day and soon you will be doing 100 each day
Cristina N.
Establish a minimum number of pushups that you can do every day with no effort and stick to it no matter what. Do more when you feel you can and stick to the minimum in bad days. Quantity will follow if you are consistent.
Heather T.
Firstly hàve iron confident secondly yoyhave to wake up early . Thirdly every 10 time pushup you reward yourself with your favourite food may be chocolate 🍫 😋 not jungfood 🍔🙅🏻‍♀️