How early do you get up in the morning so you can do your exercising? Or if you do it later in the day, when’s the best time, according to yourself and your schedule?

Palak N.
I incorporate walking when I get up to go to my lectures early in the morning and on my way back home in the late morning or early afternoon. in addition to that I go for brisk walking and jogging around 9pm
Misty P.
I get up at 6 am usually (bc thats when I naturally get up) but I don't go to a gym to exercise, instead i will do some simple body weight exercises I can do at home (pushups, squats, situps). I usually just do a light workout in the morning because I believe that consistency is the most important thing when it comes to exercising. Additionally, I go to the gym on Saturday every week to get a full intense workout in.
Вера Андрусевич N.
Normally I don’t use an alarm clock and when I get up I need to have breakfast first. Then I start working or studying and I exercise at 11 or 12 before my lunch. Sometimes in the afternoon, so it’s flexible.
F Bia S.
I usually get up at 6 and for an hour I do my gratitude journal while still on bed do my meditation of 10 min and that kind of starts the day then I get up to exercise . If I could not do it in the morning I usually exercise before my dinner.