I live on the third floor of my apartment so I always feel bad about exercising in the morning. Is there something I can do that’s easy but won’t make too much noise?

Filippo S.
Yoga is a fantastic exercise method and great for your mind as well. There are many kinds of yoga and you can increase the intensity as much as you want. It hardly makes any noise to do a session…
Nevaeh R.
Why don’t you ask your neighbors if they hear and mind the noise before you worry about it? Unless you plan on doing heavy lifting and throwing away your weights I don’t think they’ll mind.
Heinz G Nter T.
I do yoga every morning right after I wake up. I love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She’s a great instructor, and she has a huge variety of practices for whatever you are in the mood for or however much time you have. Plus, it’s free! ☺️
Maurice O.
I do qigong exercises. I find them really good for when you just wake up, because they are gentle and they work the whole body. There’s people that do exercise that are a bit more intense like pushups situps and pullups. Hope this helps.
Sam U.
my typical workout consists of squats, planks, crunches, varieties of lunges, and hip thrusts. this should be quiet because you are not jumping or anything like that. good luck on your workout journey 🙂
Darlene Z.
Pilates, yoga or p.e. I do that. Because most of our energy is keeping in joint so doing something for is already a big energy boost for the body. This is want I think)
Amanda O.
Invest on weights and exercise bands so that you can still exercise at home but using techniques that will not require too much jumping or other noises that might disturb your neighbors below. Also, if your apartment complex has a gym, take advantage of walking there instead of going for a gym membership. It only makes sense since you are investing money not only in your home but also with the amenities that come along with it. You can also do exercises using a yoga mat, such as yoga or low-impact Pilates.
Noah C.
Everything that doesn't include jumping? Everyone is different, but I would warmly recommend yoga in the morning. There are plenty of yoga sessions on youtube and if you use bluetooth headphones you can do it so quietly that you don't wake anyone in the same apartment as you, so your neighbors on the floors under you would be safe ^^
Nicholas E.
Not much, but you can always try to exercise with your own weight, at most only ask you to jump from time to time, or if you use an instrument to exercise try to do on an exercise mat, do not give many details and it is difficult to help.
Brooke U.
Try yoga or go for a walk. Also, if the stair well of your apartment building isn’t too noisy, you could go up and down the stairs a few times.
Brandon E.
That makes sense as I live with my family on the second floor, and have no desire to bother them when I want to exercise. For me as well, I have no desire to work out hard. So what I have found, is if you have enough space, yoga is a fantastic way to get the exercise in without making too much noise. You can challenge yourself as much as you want, or go as gentle as you need, but you can still get a good work out.
Tomothy F.
There are exercises you can do that doesn't make much noise. It depends on the type of exercise. Yoga tends to be quiet depend on the movements you choose to do. If you want to jump up and down in your apt, that you shouldn't do it in your apartment at quiet hours. And you can always use outside!
Annette E.
How about a doorway pull-up bar? While you’re hanging, you’re not touching the floor, so the neighbors below you won’t hear you banging on their ceiling.
Gunnar X.
Pilates or Yoga and stretching are the best I find …. Anything that keeps your heart rate up is wickedly awesome for your body
Wanda B.
I would recommend either doing guided Yoga via an online video or an app (I’ve been trying the Yoga app on iPhone) or using a low floor impact workout on the Workout for Women app (I’m a man and I still love their full body interval trainings as they helped me get in great shape while eating plant based). Usually the app only has around a minute of anything that would make the floor creak.
Adrien N.
Maybe try a more basic exercise like a hollow hold, bicycles, push ups, squats…they work a lot! Try things that do not require jumping around:) Jumping causes a lot of noise!! I live on the second floor of my building and my neighbors are always complaining about my exercises being too loud so i looked up basic workouts on pinterest:) hope this helped
Jonathan Y.
There are a ton of different types of things you could do. If you are trying to not make noise doing jumping type things probably aren’t best but I’d pinterest home workouts and see what comes up!!
Julie Z.
Great question! I was in a similar situation, and mostly did exercises I could do from the floor: pushups, crunches of all sorts, squats, the plank, V-ups, leg raises, etc. Get a weight set and then you can work the remaining muscle groups: the arms, shoulders, and back.
M Line N.
A Pilates routine is always good. You can find Videos of that. Surge training is another one you can do that can be low impact and yet give you a good work out. That’s another thing you can find online suggestions for.
Francisco B.
Yoga all the way! There's an app called Down-dog that I've used for about a year. It is AMAZING. Highly recommend. Good luck!
Esther C.
Try going through the building in your socks and putting on you shoes at the exit. Or don't think about it. Chances are its louder to you because you're listening for it. Even if it is too loud for someone, its not intentional and sometimes you need to be a little selfish with your time
Joseph T.
You can for a start of the day just do simple few minutes stretch. Good to kwep you going, finish work and exercise later when appropriate.
Toledo P.
Yes, of course! Stretching is very good, and does not envolve making noise. Doing abdominal exercises and push-ups also is a good option. The best would be to leave the house and go outside! Personally, I usually do abdominals and stretches, but at work I am in the 10th floor of a building, so I usually go up the stairs to do some exercise in my breaks and let my mind rest while thinking about other things besides work. It is a good way to get your blood flowing and I feel good. You can do it in your building!
Jesualdo P.
I live on the eighth floor myself. I do yoga and have a minitrampoline (good brand 😉 which doesn’t make sound. It is really nice to be able to have a morningroutine suitable for relatively small spaces. Hope to have helped you out a bit. Keep on exercising!
Virgil F.
I say, since you live on the third floor, how about you walk up and down a few flights. Skip every other step and do some squats in between flights. Utilize your surroundings. Also, yoga can be pretty quiet too, but very good for your core.
Constance C.
You could go out for a run or maybe stay inside and do small simple cardio like sit ups and push ups definitely planks though
Karl J Rgen E.
Yoga! It’s a lovely gentle (quiet!) way to wake up your body in the morning. There are heaps of great apps out there – I like Yoga Studio.

Or maybe you could go outside for a walk?

Hope that helps.

Judy L.
I have a similar problem as I have two small children, and I often need to workout when they are asleep. Something that has worked well for this situation is using a nice, thick yoga mat to do a workout that includes stretching, yoga and Pilates. I also downloaded an app to get customizable guided audio/video workouts that I can listen to on my smartphone with earbuds. Yoga and Pilates are quiet yet effective methods that I prefer, but you can use a fitness app to coach you through various full mat workouts and adjust the intensity, etc. I really recommend exploring the many fitness apps available nowadays and find one that best suits your lifestyle. Investing in a quality mat was key for me as well. I recommend finding one that best suits you and your floors-consider if you have a carpet, tile or wood surface to workout on then invest in a mat accordingly. Lastly, maintaining a clear, clean space where I could go directly into a workout without having to tidy up first was also essential. I create a space that I treat like my private yoga/Pilates studio for a half hour, before it resumes it primary function in the household.
Elizabeth E.
Yoga, static exercises, stretching. You can also go outside, to the park when it's warm, to gym when it's cold or rainy and there you can do whatever you like and can find companions (e.g. group trainings in the gym)
Gene A.
You could try different rooms and check with your neighbors to see if it’s bothering them. If they’re asleep in the bedroom, can you exercise in the living room? If that doesn’t work, maybe take a run outside. I alternate the types of exercise I do. Some days it’s yoga (which is quiet inside). Other days I run outside
Claas O.
If your apartment has stairs from the 3rd floor, I would suggest maybe going up and down the flights of stairs a few times in the morning or focus on strength training that doesn't involve too much up and down.
Douglas Z.
I do a little yoga routine each morning. 3 sun salutations in my pajamas so there’s very little preparation and there’s no jumping around. It might not be the best for cardio, but it’s enough to get energised.
Erik C.
If your apartment complex has a fitness center, take advantage of it. The walk alone is a nice warm up. Other than that, weight exercises usually aren't loud or disruptive.