Have you ever cheated, like you didn’t do the exercise but you marked it as done?

Melquisedeque Z.
Yes I did this before because I was rushing to work and I am always very late. I will re schedule my time in a way to fit in the exercise and not over sleep.
Cl O P.
Not exactly. I may have done some of the exercises but not all. For example, today, I did about half of the side planks and rested the rest of the way. Every day feels differently. Sometimes, the body isn't up to the same degree of rigor but I do attempt all of the exercises.
Paul Q.
Yes, I have done that plenty of times. Typically for me it is meditating. I always feel guilty afterwards and that helped to stop me from actually doing that.
Jessie P.
Not so far, but I have ignored the app when life got busy or threw unexpected things my way. I liked the way it quietly encouraged me to return 😏
Divineide Q.
I did more than the 7 min routine. Took a 20 min walk and loaded and unloaded moving boxes into storage for three hours.
Walter S.
No. What are you to gain from doing that? If you’ve cheated on a test then you’ve fooled the education system. If you’ve marked a habit as done without actually doing it then you’re making a fool out of yourself. This is a safe place to be open and honest with yourself. Like a science experiment, any action counts, whether you do it or not, it becomes data that you can use to explain your results and manipulate for better results the next time around. Use these methods to improve yourself rather than to lie to yourself. The checkbox doesn’t care about whether or not you did the exercise. YOU have to care.
Jonathan F.
Not yet. Honestly for me if I forget to mark my daily task until the next day I concider it a failed day. As part of the habbit is waking up and marking your habbits complete is just as important.

I'd recommend NEVER cheating a checkmark as the day you see you're on a 30 day streak will be ruined by the fact you know one or more of those days were lies to temporarily feel better about yourself.

Norma Z.
That’s what I used to do when I first started then I realized there’s no point fooling myself. The biggest motivator was seeing that I didn’t complete a task the day before, and that made me determined to actually do the task and mark it as done, which also feels amazing!
Rosvita E.
I am not sure why would I do it. I sometimes decreased the amount of exercise or ate breakfast much later and still put the checkmark, but it didn't feel like cheating.
Mathilde W.
Before I knew you couldn’t undo it, yes. And accidentally. But I really try to keep it as honest as possible with myself. I’ll know if I’m cheating so it really doesn’t make me feel any better to mark it off.
Philip G.
Have not cheated, but perhaps marked activities around noon as morning routine. The first meal, the first activity, isnt necessarily at 9.
Amy B.
No because it is better to be honest with yourself. It isn‘t about marking things as done but about actually doing it and you don‘t have to be perfect all the time. You‘re going to miss some days for whatever reasons and that is fine as long as you pick the habit up again the next day!
Harvey U.
Thanfully no. But I do get that sometimes you can't exercise in the way that everyone expects you to do. I do count when I take 2h to clean the house, when I walk somewhere.. baby steps, baby. Those types of activities definitely count for someone who is 100% sedentary. So hey, don't be too hard on you. Every move counts!
Norman E.
No. Si prenderebbe in giro se stessi e non l app Fab. Ciò probabilmente deriva dal fatto che non riteniamo l app un nostro strumento. Nella routine mattutina l esercizio fisico è per me il più complicato. Per questo, fin dall inizio, l ho impostato breve e semplice
Stacey E.
No. Marking it off is my carrot. I love the moment of celebrating that it's done. Helps me be motivated. The change is for me, why would I want to cheat myself.
Sylke V.
When I don't have the chance to exercise in the morning, I leave it unmarked as a reminder to exercise later in the day and tick it when it's done.
Harald C.
No, though it might be that I did my exercise later than in the morning. I don’t have my afternoon or evening routines set up so right now I fee if I get it done in the day I’m not totally cheating! I’d ideally like to keep it in the AM but I’m allowing some adjustments as I travel this path. Right now I consider it a win if I actually do it.
Chloe U.
No but I’ve been tempted. Sonetimes the act of ticking the box prompts me to exercise when I otherwise wouldn’t make the time.
Violet C.
No. I did consider it once but I came to the conclusion that it’s more important to be honest with myself. If you cheat, you will know the truth and looking at the chain will probably remind you of the failure instead of the victories. In my opinion a broken chain only means “I can do better than that!” ☺️
Noah W.
I wouldn't call it cheating because it was when I first got the app and I was a dumb dumb because I didn't know what I was doing sjsj
Arm Nio Q.
Not really, maybe I did not do it at that exact moment but if I know that I will be doing it later on, I will check it off already.
Andrea O.
I accidentally cheated by simply missing my mark off and hit exercise instead of the one above it which is what I had done. I promptly went to uncheck it but the app told me I wasn’t allowed to. Well guess what. It didn’t make me workout and it gave me credit for something I didn’t do. Slippery slope. If we can’t look back at our accomplishments and know they are truth what is the point. It is ok to be imperfect and miss something here and there. That is our reminder to try harder next time. Don’t cheat, don’t steal the satisfaction of having completed your task by not completing it.
Naja W.
No . I always marked what I accomplished. I rather skip activities like cut the carbohydrates since I had a piece of bread in my breakfast.
Flenn S.
No, not really. The excercises on this app are really short and it does me no harm to take a few minutes of my time to just stretch. It makes me proud of myself and I think that if i skipped i wouldn’t be the person i want to be.
Rhonda Z.
No, most of the time I do things during the day that involve heavy lifting and fast paced walking so I know that I have achieved the minimum several minutes that fabulous suggests you have.
Gabriel S.
Yes… I have. And that has made me more firm. It taught me that I m cheating with my self. How could I do that? What if someone else would cheat with me?

So now I don't do so. I do what I have to do. It's for my own betterment. Skipping and cheating is easy, courage is in facing, in acceptance.

And being capable to face your own faults makes you smarter and peaceful

Gen Sia A.
No, I don't think so. In the past before I started using Fabulous, I've done that on other checklists. But I don't want to do that this time.
Ana S Y.
Yes, sometimes I am not true to myself, and that is not ok, because I actually cheat myself. I must be careful to not cheat because I first harm myself and than others too. Sometimes I check some routine as done because I do it later and I don’t know if this is really ok.
Clara A.
I’ve been very tempted, but no. I may have not done the full expression of the task, but if I have made an effort, I do give myself credit for it by marking it done. And sometimes, I actually have done the thing, but I have forgotten to mark it off.
Mario U.
No, cause i would only cheat myself. I sometimes found myself in being unsure if the task was propperly acomplished where i marked it as done anyway…
Arif R.
I did cheat in timing, for exemple marking something done before I did it, knowing I would do it some time soon in the future. It’s tricky, but it helps me actually doing it. I already checked the box and I ll feel guilty if I cheat, so it’s an extra motivation for me to do it in reality now too. Also, I cheated, or felt like cheating, doing things a little different (a shorter exercise than I wanted to accomplish, the healthiest breakfast I had in the fridge, although it’s not as healthy as I wish it was). This kind of cheating makes me stop being so hard on myself. I tell myself it’s all to help me feel better and part of that is not having to be perfect. The intention to do the best I can at that certain time is enough, and I train myself to accept and embrace that.
Ljubica U.
Yes I have. But I make sure to forgive myself for making a mistake and set myself to do better the next day. Don’t feel guilty for missing a day, but don’t use that forgiveness to yourself to allow you to miss the next.
Clemens X.
Yes I have, but it always makes me feel bad. Because you are lying to yourself. If you really love yourself you are like your own best friend. And true friends are always honest.
Diane P.
I have done it once because I wanted to see how it feels when you check all of them. It was a nice feeling but also cheating. So, I am convinced that sticking with the truth gives a better feeling.
Megan O.
I've not cheated because it's easy for me to do excersice in the morning because I walk 35 minutes to work so I guess to me that counts as exercise right?
Suzy O.
No. It’s not like this is for anyone else’s benefit. I’m trying to rebuild routines into my life. Not impress an app or anything or anyone. I did have to restart my account from scratch because when I first started I was in too many journeys at once. I wasn’t accomplishing things and I wasn’t building routines. Just failing and getting discouraged. So, I started with a clean slate. Now, one journey at a time, I’m succeeding.
Viviane P.
Yes, kind of, I work 12 hour shifts and get in over 10,000 steps on my Fitbit, so I count my exercise as done on days I am working.
Erika J.
No. I've sometimes marked the exercise as done while I'm in the middle of it, eg breakfast, but have realised there's more satisfaction to waiting til I've finished the task, then ticking it off. I think if you feel like you have to pretend you've done the task, you've taken on too much and just need to go back a step or do a smaller, more manageable version of that habit, and that's OK, there's no shame in that.
H Lio B.
No, not yet. I do believe that it is human nature to strive for a perfect “score”, to please others, which causes us to “cheat” on occasion. We should all guard against cheating, as the only one being cheated is ourselves.
Constance Y.
Not at all man. Otherwise all what you are doing it’s useless 🙂 Don’t be too hard with yourself, if you couldn’t (or just didn’t) do that exercise or task there was a reason. Don’t worry, just keep going on 😊
C Lian E.
No, it did not seemed fair. Though, one night that I could not go for running because I had eaten earlier a lot, I went for a long walk.
Rachel Y.
I have! There were a couple times where I thought, "just mark it completed and you'll do it later", but I rarely kept those promises! Also, there were times where I wanted so badly to check every box, to complete every task, so I just marked every box as complete. I can tell you that I felt so guilty about "fibbing" that it wasn't worth having all my tasks marked. I also stopped marking tasks in advance, telling myself that I would actually complete it later that day, because I was ultimately lying to myself and if I can't be honest with myself, then I can't trust myself and that's a whole new issue to work on!
Annedore O.
I Mark all of my intentions as success. For instance, if I'm flared up and can't bend my knees, I do stretches and know that's the meaning exercise I can do
Ryan T.
I used to do that, but haven't in my current 30 day challenge. I feel so much better actually doing it, not just because I'm being honest, but because it really is habit building and making me healthier!
Victoria P.
I usually sprint in place if I can’t do the activity. Yes sometimes I have done that. But I’ve made up for it the next time as I slowly push myself to do the certain activity a little more each time.
Tirso P.
No but i did want to mark them as done even when i couldn't afford to do much so even then I at least did something small so that i mark it as done and not cheat.
Cl Mentine Y.
I know that if I cheat, the app will lose its effectiveness for me, so I don’t. With that said, I sometimes make substitutions or play a bit with the timing, since my schedule otherwise is rather unpredictable. If it looks like I can’t or don’t want to do something, I remove it from the list.