Is it really important to have good running shoes from the beginning when building a running habit? What if I end up not liking to run?

Audrey Z.
I have an old training shoes and it was totally fine. After a while you'll have experience what is comfortable for you so you'll know what to buy.

Maddison O.
It is best to have good running shoes from the beginning, but like me I don't like to run to si prefer to walk & fast walk.

Frederikke Y.
Bad running shoes will only hurt that view. They might have poor cushion which would cause bone, joint, and muscle pain causing your view of running to suffer. That said, there are places you can find good running shoes at a good price. I got mine for about $50 at the Nike outlet store because they were on clearance. The biggest thing is to make sure you stick with it for a while. Jogging/running can take a bit to really get into, so you might have to tough through some unpleasantness at first before runner's high really starts taking hold.

Tammy G.
Not essential – just make sure that you have shoes that feel comfortable enough to run on. Sports shoes will do. Give it some time though, it’s great. I was skeptical at first as well, but I run daily now.

Gerry T.
I don't believe running is for everyone. Plus it can be very hard on all your joints. Why run when you can speed walk? It burns a lot of calories plus I believe it's less taxing on all your joints.

Fatima U.
Hi there. I've been a runner for 15 years. You can use any athletic shoe with support to start out, but I do recommend one listed as a running shoe. I think I bought my first pair from Kohl's for $30 (Walmart or Target should also do the trick). I'd say that's a fair investment to start your habit. 2 other benefits— having an entry level basic running shoe will (1) help prevent injury and (2) get you excited to wear your new shoes each day!

Camille Y.
It's important to have comfortable and well fitted shoes that give you stability. I wouldn't but expensive shoes at the begining because you will not know what to look for. Once you get better you will know what you need and then you can invest in a good pair of running shoes.

Gilbert E.
Getting nice and comfortable running shoes is extremely important for your motivation! Besides they will help you not getting an injury 😉

Randall F.
I don't think it's important to have a pro shoes, any sneakers would do to begin with. Start with running 1-2-3-5k. The if you like it, reward yourself with a nice pair of shoes.
The main reason you want to have good running shoes is to prevent injury long term/distance.
If you are on a tight budget, check out used shoes in thrift stores/outlets

Sebastian N.
I don't like running either but good shoes are important for walking as well. I usually speed walk outside or dance indoors with good music. There is, an app called zombie run for running and speed walking like being chaced by zombies which makes it more interesting. Find sports or active aways to enjoy to stay motivated