Do you do the exercise part of your routine in the morning as suggested, or do you let it slide to other parts of the day?

Franz Xaver Z.
I do it in the morning as suggested. This way I "get it over with" and then I am ready for whatever life "brings" me throughout the day.
Alberte P.
I wake up , eat , do all my morning routines, and then either go to the gym or go workout in the back half of my house! It's always early in the morning 🙂
Rachelle G.
I do it in the morning if possible, but if I’m running a bit late I’ll try to have it be the first thing I do after work or even just take a walk during lunch. Alternatively, I’ll switch up and do a really quick workout so that I won’t miss a day and feel like I have to start over.
Nolan P.
I try to get it done in the morning during the work week. On weekends, I schedule it for other times occasionally. But morning is typically the easiest
Cassandra Q.
I find the other parts of the day usually feel better and easier if I have exercised that morning so generally I try to keep it from sliding.
Nicole F.
I do it in the morning, just to make it a habit. If I don't have much time that morning, then I'd do a simple routine (say 5 pushups) and do another one during other times in the day.
Hana S.
Sometimes I do let it slide. Things come upamd you can't get to it sometimes and that's okay if you are doing it at all that's great!
Barbara W.
I do it in the morning on weekdays so it fits in before work. I try and have it as part of my morning, like walking part of the way to work. Weekends will be longer and more creative sessions but will probably still look to mornings. This gives a good angle on the whole day
Alaina O.
I for sure do it I. The morning. Because it is supposed to be low intensity, that makes it easier to do. The only time I don’t do it in the morning if I’m not feeling well. Then I doy other activities and find a way to get a stretch in or two as early as possible and mark it complete. Something as simple as going up and down the stairs three times in a row at work is exercise and an intentional action. That’s why I can mark it complete that day. Remember, it’s never about perfection, only progress should be the goal.
Pia S.
Sometimes I do it in the morning, but only if I know that I am safe from my parents discovering it. Otherwise, I let it slide towards the evening.
Sydney J.
I do a short (usually 30 minutes or less) yoga sequence in the morning to help stretch out anything might be feeling sore or stiff (especially if I didn’t sleep well) and to help wake me up a little. I also do yoga as a prelude to my meditation practice as some of my favorite poses are more long-hold, introspective poses and it helps me clear my mind of any potential thoughts about my day that might start to creep in (I try my best not to worry about work before I actually get there because I find having a calm and centered morning helps me stay calm and centered at work). In the afternoons I try to more “intense” exercise like going for a walk with my dog, mountain biking, or weight lifting, because I feel that I need those more active practices to burn off any emotional or physical stress left over from work.
Laura N.
I used to work out right after work (around 5:30pm or later). Now I have switched to the morning. I like both, and I feel you should do what is best for you and your life right now. I used to go in the evenings because my husband worked out of town for long periods of time and it was something to keep me occupied in the evenings. Now that he is home full time, I switched to the mornings and love it! Now I have my evenings free to do other things that I enjoy! Do what works for you and your life! The main thing is you are moving your body!!
Loretta Z.
I am trying very hard to go to the gym every morning without fail. It isn’t always easy, but I make it non negotiable to do it. So far so good. Do everything you can to make it easy. Workout clothes right at the foot of your bed. Whatever you need to make it a no brainer.
Sarah Y.
Actually I do my exercise routine in sections. I do cardio in the morning and do either yoga or abdominal work later in the day. Also I walk around a lot.
Ezio S.
I let it slide to other parts of the day some days. My exercise is usually walking the dog and days at my home have a different routine as i have a family with which I have to adjust my routine. But at least 3 times a week I go to the gym at 6am.
Julianna N.
I do my exercise in the morning! I tie it into something I already do by running to school instead of driving. I’m blessed with being in close proximity to my school. I couldn’t run all the way there otherwise haha.
Pamela F.
I usually do it in the morning. However, if I am short on time, I will do it later. I try not to do this often because I might forget, and it is better to work out at the same time everyday.
Dolores X.
I exercise before noon. If I'm at home relaxed maybe I plan to go out at 10 a.m. when the weather is best. If I'm getting ready for work and don't have much time maybe I do something in the morning before I get dressed. I do make sure that I get at least a half hour of exercise everyday it just really helps me feel good and if I can do more that's even better.
Katie O.
I try to do it as early in my day as possible, but sometimes something gets inbetween. Then I just do it whenever I can! Its more important if you do it than when you do it
Sara E.
For me personally if I don't do it in the morning it is way less likely to happen. I do it first thing and get it over with. Achieving that goal sets the attitude for the rest of the day
Audrey O.
I perfer to move the exercise part to later in the afternoon. That just works better for me. If you have more time in the morning to exercise than i suggest to keep it in the morning. It completely depends on when you want to do it
Flora B.
I slide it into other parts of my day. I try and do exercise before 12pm so that it technically counts as the morning. I am currently on annual leave so my routine is not the same as usual
Bernhard R.
I do the exercise as part of my routine in the morning. It helps me to wake up in the morning and to start my day. It make me feel better about the day and I more energized.
Jessie C.
I do a short exercise as suggested as part of my morning routine. Because it’s short, I have been sticking to it as part of the morning. On the weekends I like to do yoga where the stretches clear my head. During the work week I get to work early to do the small exercise. A colleague and I walk for 30 minutes before we start our day.
Rafael Z.
I try to do it in the morning but I realize that’s easier for people who don’t have to work early in the morning. On my work days I sometimes do it right when I get home to save myself some time in the morning if I’m running late.