What exercises do you do in your work cubicles?

Tanya N.
At work I normally use my stress ball or I would swivel in my chair while listening to music or my favorite podcast. Now during this pandemic, I’m now practicing a lot of yoga to get my mind clear so that I can have less pandemic fatigue.
Sara U.
What i do you workout would be running a fast mile then i would go for a 12 mile bike ride then do some abs and that’s it.
Bridgette Q.
When I wasnt remote, I ALWAYS did squats. I usually follow that along with some arm stretches, touching my toes, straightening my back for a minute or two.
Myat A.
I do not work in a cubicle room because I'm still a teenager. But I would recommend you to walk or at least stand up and stretch every half an hour or an hour because sitting affects your body health. (If you do not believe it search it up on Youtube)And you should also do eye exercises(search for them on google) and drink a lot of water. And also have a nice sitting posture and working posture.
Nathan Z.
I work in a flower shop so I stand all day. At work I do a lot of lifting and bending so I try to remember to lift with my legs, not my back. Also I try to roll my shoulders when I can, since the position we're working in is bad for the neck and shoulders.
Morgane Y.
I don’t work in cubicle, but in an office that I share with coworkers..ai try to strech and do a short walk once in a while….
Carole N.
I’m sorry but I don’t work at the present time and don’t work in a cubicle at all, but if I would, I’m sure I’d do neck stretches, side stretches and leg up & calves stretches! 😀 At home right now, I bought and started doing step aerobics and loving it!! 👍