Do you exercise to stay fit mentally and physically or to get into that beautiful dress you have been wanting to wear for so long?

Merigley N.
Definitely to stay healthy mentally. I don’t care about losing weight or toning muscle though when that happens it’s a nice bonus. But my focus is always on taking a break from my day to day and doing something that is solely for me. Where I listen to what my body needs and respond in the most loving way I can.
Selma C.
My exercise doesn’t typically make a huge difference in what size I can fit into. My clothes fit better when I’m more fit, but that’s not my primary concern. I am motivated to improve fitness so I can improve in athletic performance and achieve new things with my body. Or maintain the things I’ve achieved before.
Johara N.
Both choices are right!
Yes, I workout to be fit mentally and to stress release and at the same time to prevent any tiny increase in my wait.
Malone N.
For me it's a combination I think. I've had issues with the way I look since I was a teenager, so wanting to look more like the way I think of myself is definitely part of it, but I also know that exercising is good for me and makes me feel good, as well as helping with mental health issues. I am trying to be diligent, even if the exercise is only a few jumping jacks in the morning.
Alex Y.
I exercise to stay fit mentally and physically. I've come to learn over the last year that keeping active improves your mental health drastically!
Merryn F.
I do exercise physically and mentally. Along with that entails things like having a long shower or getting dressed in something I feel lovely in.
Isabella Y.
I decided to start exercising to improve quite a few things in myself: general health, mood, sleep quality, energy level, strength, muscle tone, and some weight loss. I want to feel more confident in my body and I think I will feel that way when I have a stronger and healthier body.

Since starting to exercise in the mornings, I feel more energised in the morning and I start my day with a sense of accomplishment, which is always great!

Marina A.
I exercise to embody a person who takes care of her health. It eventually helps to elevate my mood or releasing stress, in my case.
Dana B.
Well me personally i wanna feel good in myself !Ofc i wanna excersice to look good in clothes ,tho i do have low self isteem and exercising helps me a lot to feel good abt myself after an workout .
Francesca Z.
I would say that I enjoy both! Exercise or some form of movement is definitely important for me to include that in my daily routine to make sure that I stay sharp and happy. Putting on a nice outfit has that effect sometimes but I'd say that movement is always a fool proof way to stay mentally (and physically) fit!
Katie A.
Neither. I do it because I can. There are many people who would like to exercise but are not able to do so. I can, therefore I do.
Tressa S.
I exercise for my health because my health is important to me. I want to watch my son grow up and have a family of his own. I want to be able to enjoy my "old age" and I won't be able to do that if I don't take proper care of myself
Ann Z.
Mental fitness is my main motivator to work out, followed by physical fitness. A more toned and better looking body are a nice reward on top, but it is not a driver that helps me wake up in the morning to work out. Trying to stay sane and healthy are stronger motivators for me.
Stacy Q.
All of the above. Right now my goal is to get my weight down to wear I can wear those clothes that I just can’t right now. But overall I love exercise. It certainly helps the physical but I really need it for my mental state—to stave off depression and anxiety, which are much worse when I lose an exercise regimen.
Steph C.
Physical health and hopes for extended quality of life into old age. When I care for myself I look better as a side effect, when I aim for weight loss, I fail & spiral into mean thoughts about myself. Focus on life, strength, & feeling my best & let the rest take care of itself
Andrea E.
To stay fit. I have young kids that need me at my best. Exercise helps keep my healthy and energetic for them. It also gives me a little me time too.
Susannah W.
I workout because I want to be strong. I want my body to last and be healthy into my old age. I workout to stay mentally healthy as well. I feel better about myself and am able to have a more clear focused mind when my body is strong and healthy. I don’t really think too much about how clothing fits me. But I do think about how my body feels; on the inside and the outside.
Kutkinas N.
I'm doing it for both of them but I realized that often it's better for my mental health. Starting my day with yoga instantly increase my motivation and gives me the feeling that "Today I have done something big so my day is already productive and wonderful".
Manon Z.
I don't use to wear dresses as a man, but I would say for both, if you change the dress with a nice body I can feel confident about! Working out is one of the three elements related to body, you need to have more energy. The other two are nutrition and resting. If any of those is missing, you won't have the same results with having them all. So, give it a try and eat healthier, workout and sleep with as much quality and quantity as possible!
Have a nice YOU time!
Marissa W.
I exercise to stay mentally fit, though physical fitness is also important. Exercise helps me get motivated and boosts my mood.
Jennifer Z.
I’m exercising to get fit and healthy. How I look is secondary. If I exercise to change how I look I feel like I’m doing it for other people. If I exercise to get fit and healthy, I’m doing it for me. If I exercise for others, then the changes I’m making won’t resonate with me and there’s less of a chance I’ll stick with it. But this is just me. I’m one of those people that likes to do things myself and never just to please others. I know that about myself so I make it work for me. A better question is what holds me back from exercising and how can I change that.
Aminath Z.
To stay mentally and physically fit! While I got into working our because of physical health reasons, I've found out that it's really helped improve my mental health and I see a dip when I stop regularly working out as well. So it's given me incentive to keep up a regular schedule regardless of physical or aesthetic reasons.
Katherine V.
I am not a fan of dresses. I am trying to fit into a corset though since I gained weight in quarantine due to lack of physical excercise. I do value the mental health benefits excercise brings to the table. I discovered I need a in home excercise routine. I was so used to going outside when I couldn't I didn't know what to do.
Sadygatu N.
I exercise to stay fit mentally and physically. If I was staying fit just to fit into something, we’ll that wouldn’t stay long because yes your tummy may be flat but your mind isn’t and you’ll still have that’s fixed mindset if you don’t exercise your brain also
Kate C.
Exercise is for me a form of self-care as well as switching off. So I would say that for me is all about mental and physical health rather than look.
Teuntje N.
Hi. I’m 52 and I definitely exercise to get better at getting older. Fitting into my own clothes is of course always nice as well.
Anastasiia P.
I exercise to stay fit, healthy, and young. Exercising gives me energy and inspiration in my today leaving, moreover I appreciate it as an investment into my future well-being.
Julie B.
I exercise for mental reasons. I pretend that the air is washing through my ears and cleaning out what's inside my head so that I'm not all cluttered with stuff in my head. When you go out for a walk you think about new things. When you're walking and nature you look at things that aren't all at 90° angles. If you spend all your time indoors all day everything is at 90 degree angles. Everything was man-made. So you really have to go outside and let your eyes float around and look at the trees in the clouds and the way a water puddle forms and all the random stuff out there. Because that helps you cleanse your mind and remember what's important. Otherwise if you live in a world where everything is already made by other people you just have to work within that world. So when you go Outdoors you're able to grow and change and all sorts of Limitless ways.
Kathy S.
So yes, mentally and physically being fit is extremely important. But the push that's making me exercise constantly is looking better in physique, giving my best so I reflect my will and work and dedication.
Soan N.
I exercise to reduce stress, elevate my mood and keep my joints lubricated. I don’t adhere to the myth of an “ideal shape”, but I do believe in joyful movement… so I exercise in ways that make me feel good and are easy to make routine – dancing, walking and yoga are my go to movement choices.
Maggie Z.
Mentally and physically! I practice yoga to calm my mind and connect sprit to body. How I feel in this body is more important then any dress.
Suzanne E.
Exercise helps me clear my head and is an opportunity to do something good for myself-feel healthy, strong, and calmer. When I walk with friends it's a great opportunity to spend time with them. A side benefit is that it may help me lose weight.
Juanita E.
Actually, I do it for both reasons. I find that when I exercise, I look and feel better and to be able to fit into a dress that I have been wanting to wear is extra special motivation:)
Gerta Y.
I try to get some kind of exercise on each day to stay healthy. I am what society considers obese, and it has always been hard for me to stick to an exercise regimen. By committing to exercising daily for my health, I have taken the stress of weight loss off of the table.
Anna V.
I exercise to fight with depression. It was a first step to feel better. I never could imagine how important the physical activity is for our mood
Virgil P.
I exercise to stay fit mentally and physically but actually it’s more mentally for me. I find that I need to exercise to produce enough serotonin to give me the best chance at winning the day (getting through it happy enough)…any physical effects are a bonus and of course physical fitness is also important!
Jasmin G.
I used to do the latter; exercise to feel attractive. The more I move forward though, the more I’m trying to focus on health and becoming the best me I can be. Side effect, still feel prettier! But I’m less down on myself about not meeting any kind of concrete goal.
Carl Cia S.
Exercise used to be about loosing weight, and trying to drop dress sizes. But the older I get (and the bigger my belly gets!) I have had to change my mind set. I struggle with mental health and procrastination. I want to use exercise as a mental health tool. And hopefully in time, It’ll become something that will keep me physically healthy too. But it is still a challenge to get started most days. Which is crazy because once I exercise I feel so much happier and more energetic. My “get up and go” function is faulty!
Pau N.
I used yo exercise only to have a good body, but I used to get injured a lot, but after I understood and started doing it by only enjoy everything changed and I don’t get injured anymore
Ronald C.
Actually to lose wait. I am not doing the exercice that I really really want at the moment. I would like to do HIIT. But at the moment I’m walking and increasing the amount each day
Faustine O.
I try to engage in exercise for both reasons, it’s a mental a physical thing and me being able to want present myself in my best self and want to fit into certain clothes sizes in my ideal vision.
Leoberto Q.
Both. I would like to get in shape but for myself and my physical health. But I also know and appreciate the mental and emotional benefits that exercise gives me.
Danielle E.
I stay fit for both reasons- superficially, yes I want to fit into clothes that have become snug and have a certain body aesthetic, but I know I won’t feel happy or pleased unless my mental health meets my physical health. By being active, I’m working on bringing more endorphins into my life and can improve the way I view myself mentally, since I’m constantly amazed at the physical things I am capable of. So stronger mind=stronger body. I need to have both.
Cindy J.
I am currentlr a research professor and want to be an assistant professor in a tenured track. In order to achieve my goal, I need to do research a lot, read a lot, and write a lot, and those work requires physically sound condition. So that is one of the main reasons that I exercise everyday and I expect good fit for a spillover effect as well.
T O F.
I usually exercise to stay fit.
Not only does exercising improve your physical health, it also improves your mental health.
Ph Ng O.
I enjoy both. See myself in the mirror more beautiful makes me happy. In other side, I feel great when doing exercise with EDM music at my ears
Alex Q.
This is a huge challenge. Sometimes I may start for a less healthy reason like weight loss but I tend to carry on for the benefits to my mood and emotional state.
Margot S.
I exercise because I am overweight and I want to improve my health. I am never going to be tiny but every time I exercise I feel I am helping my life improve.