how to be motivated every day i have a problem if i did not exercise at the early morning i lose my motivation

Ana Z.
You can try to tell yourself that you did great and try do dance on your fav song, instead of workout. I hope this helped!
Akshainie Y.
Well, i also have the same problem, kinda. My problem is that if I don't wake up beforeor at sunrise then I start to feel that the day is already unsuccessful, I have no perticular motivation to do the later tasks and I'm sluggish.
I don't know why it happens to me and you but it does.
So i just give a good deal of effort to wake up, the rest comes more or less naturally. Just seeing the sun rise with me gives me all the energy I need. (Though some days I have to rely on some energtic songs)
Hope this helps, very good luck to you stranger 💚
Cleonice F.
I think you should exercise every day cause it’s healthy and makes you feel more comfortable in your body and feel healthier and this is better than all the unhealthy ways to help you feel comfortable in your own body