How do you avoid hitting the snooze button/reading emails in bed in the morning? I find it difficult to get up and exercise first thing!

Reem N.
First thing when I wake up feeling lazy I remember the good things that I’m gonna do when I wake up whether it is a cup of coffee or watch my favourite channel or listen to music and I remember the bad things that might happen if I don’t wake up on time maybe don’t have enough time to get ready or not having a good start of the day .

Fedya A.
I do not always avoid it, but I always try to open only 1 thing in a time. After exiting this ritual I proceed to exercise. Also I want to mention that better exercise before eating a great breakfast

Ella N.
Just go 3.2.1. And then get out no matter what. Or take off your blanket or something that makes it more uncomfortable to stay in bed than to get out. Once thats done your brain will think oh weve already done something now its easier to just continue doing it.