Where do you get your motivation?

Katherine T.
I think I get my motivation in little pieces in lots of places. I'll read something encouraging, or Fabulous will say something motivating, or a person will say something that I can really hear. I forget to remember the motivational thoughts all the time, so it's great that there are many sources for those thoughts to come up again.

Gabrysia O.
I don't want to vent here, but I was low at my mental health last year. I knew that I had to change something in my life, I wanted to change myself. I found this app by accident and started using it. I saw opportunity and decided to start working on myself. Two days ago I broke my 98-days chain (in doing my morning routine) but I decided to not give up. This is my biggest motivation at the moment I think. That I see my progres. I also want to build this healthy habits for my future life since I'm just a teenager (14yo). Try looking back at the reason why you started this journey and find all small and big successes that you made along the way.
I Hope it helped you in any way (and sorry for any mistakes in my English).
I have my fingers crossed for you 😁❤️