Do you use a sauna after or before a workout?

Verônica Alves
Actualy no.. i do have the option though.. i didnt know there is benefits to it. But I believe that even if I knew I woldn't do it, just because Im always in a rush at the gym.. maybe i would do that only in workouts during vacations when i have more time.

Joy Garcia
I do not use sauna because I do my workouts in places where is no sauna. I go to sauna but specially in it. It is about 3-3,5 hours with friends

Roberto Watson
Definitely after becausr sauna relaxes muscles and can make you sleepy. If you want to combine the two then hot yoga would be an idea

Flenn Shelton
No I don’t do long workouts currently. I have fibromyalgia. However, a family member who works out daily, does, and it is working wonders!