What keeps you going when you are stressed and drained?

Elizabeth J.
Having something at the end (or middle) of the week to look forward to. For me it’s Dungeons and Dragons, I DM my group so I spend the more stressy bits of my week imagining what to include in game that’d make my group happy, or that I’d find cool/interesting. Sorta weekday escapism
Eddie U.
Questions that are still unanswered why not only me if others can than why only i cant if something broken there is some problems than just simply fix it you have what it takes cant stop now
Strawberry D.
I stop what I’m doing and take a nap if I’m exhausted/didn’t get enough sleep or I will do my hobbies just to forget about what I’m stressed about for a little bit. I play instruments, but whatever works for you. If you don’t have much time you can just do it for a couple minutes and it will still help. Give your brain a break when it needs it.
Ariane E.
Normally I like to look for new music with which I feel better, I also like to draw as I feel and sometimes with the drawings I create stories, even though they start sad I end them in how I want to feel after spending that moment. I also get distracted looking for a new recipe to cook, either sweet or salty. And finally I walk away from every social network.
But what helps me the most is exercising, relaxes me, I enjoy and I feel more energyy
Ульяна Кардецкая N.
When I upside I go to the bathroom and make a selfcare procedures
After that I light candles, incense in my room and do yoga / reading a book / sleeping
Sophie S.
For most of the times, i cry silently and get sad. But tge thing is that this is not going to help me in any case.

So buckle up guys, imagine yourself having a talk, a good talk with your favourite person at your favourite place. For me, my favourite person is My prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) and my favourite place Paradise (Jannah).

C O.
I like to spend a day alone or in a safe space. I find that if I eat mostly healthy, do something I enjoy, do something productive (sometimes) and talk to a loved one, I feel less overwhelmed.
Bryan C.
Dažniausiai tai nutinka nusivylus aplinka. Tai kelia stresą, pyktį, neviltį. Sunkiai atrandu metodų kurie padėtų. Anksčiau tai buvo muzika, dabar tiesiog norisi užsimiršti, palikti tą aplinką, pabėgti, pvz į gamtos prieglobstį. Norėčiau pabūt su draugais, deja, neturimvienas kitam laiko….
Carrie T.
thats a tricky question as everyone deals with stress differently. For me unwinding with my family is the most important thing, after that exercise as much as you can! Eating properly is important also.