What kind of exercise habit do you have in the morning?

Lu Sa E.
I like to focus on parts of my body where I feel weaker. Of course it's good to not do it everyday, but it's a motivator so I can feel stronger. I also think it's important to find exercises that you enjoy doing and allow you to flow.
Catherine S.
It depends on where I slept that night, when I sleep with my girlfriend I walk up and down quite some stairs because she live at the 10th floor. When I sleep at my place I do some hooping and when I sleep at my parents house I do some push ups, and crunches etc
Noelle Y.
Going on a 2 to 2.5 mile walk every morning. Especially during these crazy times, it the part of the day I get to listen to my podcast, learn something new, stretch my legs, and make time for me💕
Tiffany O.
I prefer yoga when my one year old is still sleeping. But walking lately in her stroller to a lake near by is what works for both of us. Swimming too whenever we get a chance
Sophia J.
I walk 2,000 steps a day and then do plank exercise for 1 minute, jumping 100 times and spin my hip for 50 times each side (left and right)