How do I maintain a consistent exercise habit?

Zoe X.
بهتره با نرمش صبحگاهی شروع کنم البته با تنفس دیافگرام که حالمو بهتر میکنه. بهترین تایم برای ورزش ظهره که میزان چربی سوزی هم بیشتره. بعد از هفت روز نرمش صبح که باید ثبت عادت کنم، میرم سراغ ورزش ظهر و هفت روز بعدش اگه موفق به ثبت عادت ورش شدم میرم سراغ ریلکسیشن شب که بیشتر ورزش های آروم و متعادل هست البته توی هر سه تنفس دیافگرام رعایت میشه
Isabella W.
Well you've got to really want to do something and be committed to something to easily contain a habit but to be committed to something even if you don't necessarily want to do it is to think of the good that comes from it and set reminders so you don't forget :). Hope this helps
Emily Z.
When I was young and in high school I did phys. Ed. Every day for four years and I loved it. It was easy to do because it was an obligation rather than a choice. I loved it because there's more to exercise than push ups or lifting weights. We would play all sorts of different sports. When you enjoy the activity you hardly even notice when you're dripping with sweat and exhausted.
Alise F.
Your brain has two sides. The old one ( witch wants to be productive) and the toddler ( Witch whants to do something fun ir something that reqires low effort ). By making the thing you are doing fun ( playng music, lisening to a podcast, e.c.t ) you are making the toddler whant to do the thing. So if the toddler whants to do the thing then it so much esier to continue a good habit, like.. exersising.
Marion P.
Just do it everyday, you can start from one exercise and then just increase the number of the exercises, i don't mean you need to increase the number all the time, you can make it to five exercises and i think you will maintain that habit.
Jacob N.
Consistency can be achieved by doing small things regularly and also mental status plays a role like how committed you are and how motivated you are for the change
Curtis S.
One day at a time. Each day, for that day, commit to do some form of exercise for that day alone…And then start again the next day!