What exercise do you do in the mornings? I’m not the type that goes for a run or anything like that, so it would need to be doable at home.

Jonas X.
Hi, so I wanted to know what are your exercise goals? so you want t lose wight, trim down, get bulky, or just maintain for the sake of health with nothing in particular?
Also what is your age? I take working out real siriously, as in I work twords goals and as I get older I cant do what I did 10 years ago. I been working out on and off since 2001 and notice now I have to be more mindful during my movements for the body gets more frail with age.
Caroline Z.
Anything that gets you moving is fine ! Sometimes I make sure I have good music which makes me get up and dance you could make a morning playlist ? I also like exercise programmes like Chloe ting because you can do just 10 minutes so if you’re struggling for time you can still fit it in
Andre P.
Actually I sometimes do stretching in the morning it depends if I'm not busy. So u can do stretching in the morning or choose a convenient time for you to workout whenever u can just stick to it and at least try to exercise 3 times a week
Jovan X.
Im a person that eat healthy and i go for run sundays and i do exercices so im a person that i take care for myself and Fabulous is a good program and its making me even e better person .I a bit of lazy but i always take care of myself and health is an impprtant thing.
Mareen J.
I just "shake it off" to my favourite songs. I dance, clap, sing along, or just walk around or run to the rhythm. When I am not alone in a home, I put on headphones and lock myself in a bedroom or bathroom. If you like this idea but you are not a fan of freestyle dancing, I suggest trying Zumba.
Allison F.
I’ve been diving back in to a regular yoga practice first thing in the morning and it’s the best thing I could ever do or recommend! I move how I feel and am already more aware of my body and mind. I like to go on walks every day and run outside every now and then.