Exercise before or after breakfast? Pros and cons of each?

Bryan N.
Before breakfast
Cons =
Just woke up
Not enough nutrients to exercise properly
A little sleepy
Not too full
You can exercise before anything gets in your way

After breakfast
Cons =
Already a little full
Maybe too distracted by social media if you scroll through it while eating
Might have to rush
Good nutrients
Not hungry
Little more active, not still sleepy

I hope this helps, I personally exercise after breakfast

Abbie F.
Before breakfast is quicker and more easy for the mind. But after breakfast is better, better for being strong and fit. Having better energy throughout the workout so it will leave you more fulfilled.
Archisha U.
Exercise before breakfast. Because early morning exercise is better than anything. It helps body to improve much more and the pleasent atmosphere of morning, helps our soul to get refreshed. After the night sleep, exercise will give you energy and a bright mindset for the whole day. It will also give you a perfect empty stomach for a perfect breakfast. So exercise before breakfast is the one for me. But it can depend. Exercise after breakfast is also good as it helps you to digest the food. But it might also be a little harmful to exercise after a heavy breakfast. So, you should try both and decide yourself which one suits 'you' the best. 🙂 Good luck !
Anna F.
Before breakfast. Pros: you’re feeling better before starting your other daily activities – physically as you moved your body, mentally as you’ve managed to do an important thing, it’s easier not to procrastinate. Cons: you’re hungry so it could negatively affect your results and you’re likely to accomplish less and to even fill worse than before: dizzy, too weak to do anything; also you could be trying to do everything as quickly as possible so you’ll be able to have a breakfast already. I make a conclusion, that a short and light workout would be useful, but something bigger and longer wouldn’t be fine for everyone. After breakfast. Pros: you’ll be more energised, it could boost your focus and energy, you can use a workout as a pause in our other tasks that require sitting positions. Cons: you need to wait so it may cost you a wild procrastination spree, you can get too preoccupied with the other tasks as well. I think this strategy is more universal, but doesn’t apply so good to people who tend to procrastinate their workouts.