I want to increase my active walking throughout the day but I never get around to it. How do you stick to your routine?

Dylan E.
Well, one way I do this is to walk to a place where there is a lot of greenery, and this helps me reflect on things and also bring me peace.
Selmaan A Ali
Ross Q.
Remind yourself that you have something to do and a tip to get yourself up is to drink a lot of water, that way when you are sitting you have to get up. Walking is a good way to destress so try something that makes you get up.
Vanessa Y.
I try to find times when I can move. The biggest activity I do now is walking on spot in my living room. If I am watching tv, I will walk on spot. Also I try to put steps in my day. I walk from my furthest parking place.
I sent daily activity goals for walking. If I can achieve a little above that goal, I know that I made it. I practice virtual walking-setting a place where I want to go but couldn’t have the time and money to walk in the real city. My goal is to virtual walk across Canada. Goals, both small and big, are important. Plan out your day and you’ll do
Sherri O.
Can you walk anywhere instead of driving? Can you park the car in the furthest spot in the lot. Add a little symbol/ornament in your car to remind you that the few extra steps you take add up. And also congratulate yourself on parking the furthest.

Take stairs instead of an elevator. Congratulate yourself when you reach the top of the stairs. When no one is looking, I like to give myself a high five! Lol! It looks like a clap.

Monitor your steps in an app on your phone and set daily goals. That also encourages me.

Nelci Z.
I use a reminder technique such as setting alarms, putting up sticky papers around the house or have a friend to ring my phone twice.
Andrei C.
I sold my car and moved my home half a mile form work so I’m walking from one place to the other four to six times a day. I also avoid taking the elevator when I get to a place that’s on the fourth floor or lower. On a really lazy sunday I walk through my apartment like a madman while listening to music until I fulfill my daily quota, which I monitor from my Apple watch, which is a GREAT tool for my. All the best !
Constanze F.
I use the pomodoro technique. It's supposed to help you remain productive but, honestly, that alarm after 25 minutes of work is the only thing that reminds me to get up and move some days.
M Lissa S.
Personally, I just calculate a bit of extra travel time, and then I walk th extra distance. It should be said that I live in Denmark, with sidewalks everywhere. And distances between things aren’t so great. So if I need to take the bus or train somewhere, I might get off at an earlier stop and walk the rest of the way. Or I might take transport to my destination, but then if I have time, take the time to walk all the way back home. I use Google Maps to plan the distances and the time it will take. Going to pick something up at the store? Walk. Even if you take your car to work, park a little further away and walk the last bit.
Tude N.
Morning and evenings best times for me to fit in a walk. Adding extra blocks to the day’s commute takes less time and effort. Keep a pair tennis shoes in the car if needed:)
Brennan T.
It really depends on one’s job, context and responsabilities.
I start my day by stoping my alarm. For that I have to walk to another room were I left it. It helps me get out of bed.

I use the down stairs bathroom, and go up to dress, so I walk a little more.

I try to do things on time, so I can park my car a bit far so I can walk to work for 5 minutes and walk Back for another 5.

It’s not easy with some routines go out to walk. But I Think that yhe most important thing is that one can be honest, Sit down, and really think what can I do in my shoes to walk more?

Hope it helps someone! Have a Nice day!

Celina O.
Stick to a regular routine and schedule it first thing, even if it means waking up a little earlier …This way, any exercise added later is a nice additional bonus to your fitness goals!
V Tor I.
I have to remember that i do it for a reason, to be healthier, to be more patient and do what i had planned to do. Find your motivation
Franz O.
Start small. Just add a minute or two of walking consistently until it is a solid part of your routine. It might even be a couple of weeks! But once it is really ingrained, you can start adding more time. Build up slowly.
Ilda Z.
First, set a realistic step goal on your fit bit/activity tracker. Next, instead of watching t.v. or a movie at home on the couch, walk at a small incline on a treadmill while watching. Mindless-yet-entertaining way to get more steps in. You won't even notice the difference.
Lucas Z.
I have an Apple Watch so I can see my activity. But you can also see on your phone how long did you walk and that can help. Also, you try to plan your day: when will you go walk or make a goal.
Edeolinda W.
I take the stairs to and from lunch, from the parking garage of my car (5 stories) and sometimes walk by colleagues instead of calling to their office. I also try to use public transport making for more walking. I have to choices of public transportation and choose the one with fever switches to get some more meters under my soles.
Jonas Z.
If my destination is half a mile away or less, I walk. If I need to run multiple errands, I’ll centrally park my car and walk to each place. I also always take the stairs.
Jesus A.
I try to work out early in the wee hours, if I did not get my work out in I work out at lunch and no food goodies cake doughnuts or anything fun or sweet if I did not get my work out.
Anica U.
Try taking the longer route in every where you go. Park further, take the stairs instead of elevator, take a quick brisk walk after lunch, before or after work walk a few blocks if you can, walking in place surprisingly is beneficial to actually walking. All of those steps add up. Hopes this helps
Kenzo E.
For me I realized the best part of the day to walk is right after I drop my children off before I go into work. Typically as soon as my day starts I am unable to fit time for myself in. So I just make it my routine where I drop kids off and go straight to the gym. And I have my gym clothing next to my bed. So I'm dressed and ready to go no matter
Ramon F.
I’ve decided on the time I will do it and set a reminder on my PC. I check my journal daily to see if it will work that day and try and fiddle it – if I truly cannot do it – I decide that it is simply not meant for that day. Truly cannot do is the important phrase though – one must be honest with oneself.
Isilda Q.
I feel if I focus on 4 pilars of balance and adjust my daily Schedule accordingly, I am able to commit to those tasks more easily. I commit daily to reserving time to 1. Do the things that feed me (breakfast, exercise, walking, and many more) 2. Do the things that feed my growth (reading books to gain new insights, attend a seminar, a spirituality workshop or any other self help activity) 3. Do the things which need to be done (cleaning, work) and 4. Do things for others (to help me be less selfish). No matter what, I never deviated from the time I committed myself in doing that. Hope this helps
Judy J.
I have some suggestions for you:
1. Always take the stairs if you are going up less than 5 floors
2. Try to park a little further away from your office each day
3. When going to the supermarket always park as far away as you can
4. Buy a Fitbit to motivate you – it’ll track the steps you take. Once you know roughly how many you take now challenge yourself to up it by 500 a day
5. Walk whenever you talk on the phone
6. Don’t beat yourself up if you find you don’t achieve your goal each day
Volkhard U.
If I’ve made sure to start my day well (including a little bit of exercise) I’m usually inspired to do more throughout the day. Have you tried also tracking your walking using apps?
Evelyn S.
First of all, congratulations on the desire to make a healthy change in your life. Because our lives are so full of activities already, it appears impossible to add just one more thing. The truth is there is always time to do what you want. I have had success adding healthy activities to my schedule in small time slots, ridiculously brief, like a five minute walk, or five minutes of weight-lifting waiting for my morning coffee to brew.
Resist the urge to try twenty minutes of anything until you feel silly just walking to the corner and back and calling it exercise. Then you’re ready to move walking into the block of time previously filled by screen time, or some other activity you thought you HAD to do. When that shift happens it will just feel right and you’ll wonder how you ever had a problem finding time. That wonderful habit will be yours!
Florian S.
I find a reason to go out. (Take out trash, buy groceries…) Once i am outside I walk. I have a round which is not possible to cut short. Once I start walking I need to finish the whole round. I
Mesaque Q.
I do not stick to active walking at the moment, but in the past I would pop in an audio book and enjoy long walks listening.
Felix F.
Hi, small steps are the answer. I personally treat myself: I park my scooter as further as possible from my office, I choose not the closest metro exit but one before, I take my coffee out not at the wending machine… especially I love a few mHi, small steps are the answer. I personally trick myself: I park my scooter as further as possible from my office, I choose not the closest metro exit but one before, I take my coffee out of the office in the loving bar right at the corner and not at the machine… especially I love a few meditation/walking just after eating, not so long, about 15 minutes no more.editation/walking just after eating, not so long, about 15 minutes no more.
Steve R.
I can’t drive so I opt for public transport all the time, so I guess it’s easier for me. I do little things like walking to my destination instead of taking the bus (at most a 30 minute walk). But anyway, if the walk is through a forest or in nature, I’ll let it go on for longer. I have a dog so I take her out for walks almost everyday. My best friend and I usually walk and talk, and we can talk for hours! So I think doing more active things with friends to replace what you usually do is good!
Isabelle J.
When we talk about walking in general during the day the best way to increase the step is to make a normal part of other habits. Commute to work or from work is a start. A meditation which involves wolking is another thing. Studying or reading while walking around. And so on.
Just think about it? Is there something you may be able to implement?
Deusa N.
I walk short distances, where I used to Uber before. Also, I use the stairs at work rather than the elevators and try to walk further to get lunch.
Alicia J.
When I started I got a trainer, spending the money forced me to go and get into that routine. After a year my habit was created and I put a small gym in my garage. Now I workout first thing in the morning every single day. It has to be first because as the day goes on a million excuses pile on as to why I can’t get to it. Every day. First thing.
Lisuarte P.
Try having a journal and write down why it's important to complete your routine and how it will benefit you each day. The more you understand the benefits, the more you will want to do it. Put reminders for your routine as well as to journal. When you fall and miss your routine, try it again the next day. We human. We tend to fall every now and then. And treat yourself for completing it. At least once a week. It helps get you motivated.
Pauline C.
Try to think about walking as a mind exercise. It id good for your body but even better for things like stress relief or creativity.
Nino Y.
I use an app called “Stand up” to set up custom reminders to get up and walk every 40 mins for 5 mins to get in an extra 25 min walk each day.
Andrea X.
It is all about commitment. Make a time slot in your agenda and stick to our regardless of what you have to do. It helps if you combine it with something else or with a friend/partner. Sometimes i just think i want to eat somewhere and I'll walk. It might not be running but works. And whenever i plan to do some exercise i plan ahead so i know that just like when i say i have to sleep at certain hour this is the same.
Elsa M.
I try to include it to my everyday-routine wich already exist. Like walking to places i have to be, take the stairs, take a walk with friends instead of a cup of coffee