How do you deal with the impulse not to exercise sometimes (when there is no good reason not to)?

Lena U.
I have downloaded this app to… feel better. It is harder it might see. And yes, some times I have this impulse that continues saing: “I don’t want to exercise. Let’s do it tommorrow”. But it’s the day after that I realize that if I want to feel well, I have to work for it. And I feel better, after I did 10-20 minuts of exercises, because I know that in time, that exercise might done the difference.
Pheonyx I.
Start with 1 min and make it something fun! I like to dance to music I like and get my heart really pumping. I also like to do 1 min yoga. Sometimes I like looking up a dance move on YouTube and practice it to my favourite song. Moving your body should be fun and feel good and it’s ok to start with one minute then build up to 2 then when that’s comfortable build up to 5 etc etc. the smallest bite is the best! Enjoy it!
Jennifer C.
Honestly, I have thst issue too. And sometimes I give in and not do it but then I think of my young daughter and think…. she needs me I need to be there for her graduation and college and grandkids. I want to enjoy that. I can't do that if I don't take care of me. Then that motivates me to get up and do it no matter if it's a 15 min workout or just a small walk around the block.