How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Christina P.
Do it first thing in the morning before you can think about it. If you catch yourself thinking ‘I can’t do this’ say ‘no! I CAN do it!’ That is the only way you will push through the times when you’re tired.
Evita S.
Well I have a herniated disk and it’s pinching my sciatic nerve. I got to this state from working a manual labor job and not Taking care of my body. Now, because of the state that I am in, if I don’t strengthen the muscles and get a good stretch in the morning the pain will only get worse. Once I am recovered, the chance of re-injury is that much higher. The only way to help prevent further injury is to get in better shape. Trust me when I say, you never want to experience this type of pain and the worse you take care of yourself now, the more likely it will happen to you.
Jessica E.
I have my routine as the background on my phone so anytime I look at my phone I’m reminded of the things I want to accomplish
Emilie G.
Well. Motivation doesn't depend on how fit you are, or what are your true ambitions in life. Exercise is tough for both to beginners and advanced trainers. For example, I've been training for 8 years, but what's really hard is discipline, the willpower to complete the goal already expected.
The music you love, a very good companion, a very good sleeping or even the weather are mere fire to willpower. The true is to know who you really are, and you will not need motivation.
Jennifer C.
Keep clothes in hooks on back of my bedroom door. In order to shower I have to exercise first. I don’t debate myself I just do it
Gabrielle T.
Motivation is hard. You have to make sure you plan out your fitness schedule, and have a great mindset. Having a journal is a great way to keep track of your goals, and how you are getting there. If you want a whole blog post about this exact topic, go to
Silene I.
I think about the end result of my exercises. Thinking about how my body will have changed in the long run keeps me going and keeps me wanting to exercise. I also remember that it helps with depression and keeps my mind off of unnecessary anxiety.
Candace N.
I just remember the amazing feeling I get when I finish a good workout. It keeps me going. I know that I did something good for myself and it’s a form a self love. I focus on loving myself.
Hanna O.
i tell myself that i can do it! and i know that it is good for me to get exercise and after i’m done, i will feel so great! it’s hard to motivate yourself to exercise but you just got to tell yourself you can do it!
Alicia X.
I have a reward system in place for when I exercise. So, if I do my workout, I get to post in my accountability group or social media. I also reward myself with my favorite tea as an extra incentive.