Is walking okay for exercise?

Cindy F.
If you have been sedentary for awhile yes. Start with a speed like walking to the mailbox & work up to a speed to where you can talk but not sing.
Francesco C.
Yes and No both. See walking is not really very helpful but, running is. Most of the people on earth walk daily but even then many of then are not healthy! Running is helpful because it will, increase your heart rate and your muscles will stressed, which then make your muscles cells healthy. Walking doesn't give "much" stress to your muscles. Hence almost no "cell growth".
You must use walking as way to start running. I mean action become habit when we repeat them. You will tend to repeat actions which are easy to do. Walking is easier then running. So for first two minutes you must walk and after that start running.
David Z.
Yes! Walking is the easiest form of exercise to stick to in my opinion. You can do it basically anywhere and it’s not strenuous. Great form of meditation as well
Seth E.
Brisk walking, yeah. The important thing is to swing your arms as you walk and make sure that your pace is elevating your heart rate above just resting!
Nguy N U.
walking is a way to do a light cardio, which has low impact and low joint injury risk. Cardio is a good way to burn fat and calories, you can do power brisk walking to speed up the process.