How do you get yourself to wake up early enough in the morning to exercise?

Derek P.
Most people are going to tell you to sleep early and don't use your phone. My trick is start your exercise at night. For first few weeks, I marathon training at night and complete the easy tasks. Then at night, I am too tired to stay up so late and too excited to get up and finish running early. Some times it is easy to wake up early to do things you like to do. Learn to like exercise first.

Anne U.
My mother wakes me up..
And i do not wake up EARLY in the morning!!!
I wake up at 8 a.m or 9 a.m and as i said my mother wakes me..
And becaus i want to do it i will wake up

Frida P.
I have set a “Go to bed” reminder to sleep early enough in the night. Waking up in the early morning is easier if you set the wake-up alarm after a duration of sleep in multiples of the sleep cycle period. Generally, the sleep cycle is of 90 minutes. My Goto bed alarm is at 10:20 pm and wake up alarm at 04:20 am. That makes it 6 hours = 4 sleep cycles long. Invariably I find myself awake just before the wake up alarm goes off. In case I miss to act on the 10:20 Goto bed alarm, I ensure that I go to bed by 11:50 pm not before. That makes the length of sleep equal to 3 sleep cycles. Again I am able to wake up at 4:20 am. The state of sleep at the end of each sleep cycle is very close to awareness. If at that moment we do not get up or feel tired enough, we go into the next sleep cycle for another 90 minutes. Hope this is a helpful tip!

Clara O.
When the alarm goes off, get up. Snooze never helps. Plan something enjoyable for your first few minutes when you get up and it will probably make it a bit easier. Also try to keep in mind that you will only remain groggy and tired for a few minutes. Once you're up and moving you'll feel better. Make it a routine and it will get easier. You do have to learn, though, when it is best to rest instead. Your body will tell you when exercise is likely to hurt instead of help.

Edwin P.
Honestly I’m still a work in progress on this. But, I’ve set my alarm 45 minutes earlier than I actually need to get up. It does help!

Enola Y.
Keeping my body healthy and fit is my first priority in a day, work out in the morning keeps me active all day long. Secondly, having a good gym partner is very important and help you motivate every time . Finally, if you get you early, you have long day and extra time to cover all your needs.

Albert Z.
The most important part is the evening before. You have to actually get enough sleep. I also have the added motivation of some quiet time to wake up before the rest of my family if I wake up in time to exercise.

Lorenzo S.
I've practiced just waking up. It was too difficult to maintain waking up and excerising so I worked on waking up first and practice meditation. Once I had a good routine of waking up at 6,i starting excerising

Charlotte O.
I normally don't do a full-blown workout in the morning because I go to the gym with friends in the evening, but I do have a trick that helps me when I need to wake up early. I put my phone or alarm clock in a separate room from my bed so I can't just roll over and hit snooze, I have to get up and walk a distance to turn the alarm off.

Lenny T.
After I got up early enough to exercise/stretch the first couple days, after that if i didnt stretch in the morning my bones would ache. The only thing that keeps me getting up 10 minutes early is knowing that i will feel so much better and it will be worth it.

Eduardo X.
Exercise is always easier when it’s something you like. Try finding a sport you like or play some music. Music helps a lot too

Frederick O.
I don't wake earlier Instead I booked a time in for each day to do exercise and everything realise works around that time At this stage I committed 10 minutes for a morning walk Over time, this will increase and will book in other form of exercise

Astrid P.
I exercise because I have to. I bike to work since I cannot use a car. A longer proper exercise in the morning would require more motivation. And I have no idea where I will find that. Maybe I’ll join a gym and force myself to go there since I have paid for it.

Heidi T.
Be sure to go to bed early enough the night before. Once you get in the habit of getting up at 5 AM going to bed at 9:30 PM will be easy.

Cordula J.
I am usually an early riser, and since I don’t leave for work until 8:30, I have more time before work then after. I don’t go crazy at the gym in the morning, I really enjoy a 20 min wake up yoga. Just giving my body the chance to stretch and wake up along with my mind really lets me set up my day. And if I am really feeling it or have the extra time, I’ll head to the gym after work and lift.

Selma Y.
I have a motivational picture on the front of my phone screen that, when my alarm goes off, pushes me to get up and carry on with my early morning workout routine

Jeffrey Z.
Eat well the night before so that you are energised in the morning. Try to build a habit of getting up the second that your first alarm goes off so that it's easier to get up. Also, plan ahead and visualise your success, you should know exactly what workout you're going to do and for how long, and set out your gym clothes and shoes somewhere obvious to prompt you to put them on. Putting them on as soon as you get up also helps.

Lia O.
I honestly really look forward to my workouts! But an easy way to get yourself motivated for it in the morning is to do something you really love, dance, yoga, Pilates, running whatever floats your boat! An exercise you enjoy and a bomb playlist are the recipe for a great morning workout! You can do it !

Ana T.
I make sure I know exactly how much time I need to do everything I have to in the morning and set my alarms accordingly.

Brennan U.
Whenever I wake up is the morning. As long as I do something (even just a few squats) within the first hour of waking up, then I succeeded

Michelle P.
I own a dog. It is now part of my routine to walk him two or more times a day. In the mornings, I have to walk up early enough to walk him and get ready for work. Even on the weekends I find myself waking up early to walk my dog. Hes a great motivator to get up and move.

Alexandre Y.
1st of all: dont go late to bed. 9 pm get yourself ready for bed. 9:30 pm is time to fall asleep. If you do that, on the next day your alarm will wake you up at 5:30 am or even you wake up by yourself. Its interesting to feel how your body is more ready to get up then.
It helps to have your alarm or phone in the bathroom, this way you can make your face wet right away and get your clothes on for workout, that should be ready there. Some people say to go sleep with your workout clothes… not so sure about that.

Louisa E.
I like setting an alarm, preferably in time to when the sun rises (usually 5 or 6). Then it's refresh myself with water, eat a bunch of almonds or a similar snack, then head over to excercise. I guess it's the animal in me that will make the repeated 'waking up when the sun wakes up' such a strong habit – just as long as you remember to get a good night sleep the night before (at least 7 hours). Hope this helps!