Should I train normally not at all or light gym session when dealing with the flu.

Amy Daisy U.
Above the chest go ahead, below the head count it out. If you feel you need to exercise take a walk in the fresh air instead.
Lauren P.
In everything I’ve learned, listening to your body is key. Rest days are in some cases more valuable than that hour at the gym. You don’t need to be strong, you need to be smart. And it sounds like you need rest.
Margot O.
Firstly, it depends how you feel about your body. If you just feel fatigued, but no fever or severe headache, I think you can have a easy run or light workout to reboot your body. Secondly, I think training outdoor might be better for yourself and other trainers in the gym. You don’t want to be the spreader of illness in your community, do you ? After workout, give a good retreat to your body, a nutritional meal, a hot shower, a good rest, would help you refresh your body in the next day. Good health and be a caring trainer.
Sandra T.
Not all you. Your body needs to rest to fight the flu. Flu can be serious. you also do not want to spread your flu around to others in the gym