Suggestions for other 4 minute workouts? It’s my fallback option in the morning :D

Jane Z.
The FitOn app has a bunch of workout videos of varying length! I can't remember if there's a 4-minute one or not but there are a lot of options so you'll probably find something you like 🙂
Kate S.
Stretching. If nothing else stretch. If you do it properly, it will help you be less sore after other workouts and help with your flexibility.
Meawin Otolep N.
I really wish Fabulous would add in a tough Yoga routine, as it starts off easy jut you get a real workout out of it – even in just 4 minutes!

Alternatively, I used to do the '5 minute mobility routine' by Tom Merrick on YouTube. It's focused on flexibility and mobility and not on strengths, so you get a little less cardio out of it. But I feel energised after doing it because it wakes up all of my muscles and I get to work towards a goal – improve my mobility 😉

Francisco T.
If you only have 4 minitea I would do jumping jacks, situps, push ups things like that. Pinterest is a really good place to find workout plans.
Victoria W.
I’ve been doing 8 minute workouts by doing anime ending dances like Kurutto mawatte ikkaiten. My goal is to someday be able to do them without looking at my phone for guidance. XD
What dances would you like to learn?
Jord O T.
A little morning sun salutation 🙂 5-10 minutes. Mountain, forward fold, mountain, chair, mountain, forward fold, into plank, lower into cobra, bend knees into downward dog, stay in dog for a few breaths, knees bent to ensure a flat back, play & stretch ham strings. Then put one foot forward then the next to stand back into mountain. Repeat using the opposite leg 😊 repeat as much as you want! Great to wake up and stretch out muscles and engage core in plank and downward dog.
Joanne Z.
Your question doesn't say what type of workout you are doing currently, but my go to is a squat routine. Pick 5 different ways to do squats (normal, sumo, reaching up in the air as you rise, etc.) and do each one 10 times. Repeat the circuit twice with a small break in between and you should reach about 5 minutes. Up the intensity with weights if you want an extra challenge.
Suzanne E.
A 4 minute workout you can do in the morning that is quick and easy, you can even do in your bathroom while brushing your teeth is 30 second leg lift each side, 30 second back leg lift each side, 20 counter pushups and 45 second stretch
Marina E.
Tabata workouts – 20 second exercises with 10 seconds rest. Would recommend skater jumps then squat and pop then jumping lunges and ending with jumping squats. Repeat twice and you’ve got 4 mins 🙂
Alex Z.
I personally do a small workout while watching the news in the morning. I start with stretches, then jig in place for a minute to warm up. A few squats, some knee highs, and eight minutes later my 'get the blood moving' workout is done. I do this every morning regardless of whether I plan on other exercise or not. It really does seem to wake me up!
Asad N.
If you really only have 4 minutes, I would just do something that raises my heart rate. Running in place, jumping jacks, anything to get the blood flowing. I’m not a fitness trainer though, so there are probably better answers out there. If you can increase your time a bit, fabulous has a hiit type workout that is timed to 7 minutes.
Sebastian E.
If I don’t have time to go to the gym, I usually try to go for a quick walk across campus or I will turn on a fun playlist and dance around the apartment while I clean/pick up!
Russell Q.
i recently read an article about a pushup and plank challenge for the month of february. i have being doing that one and feeling great. it takes 3 minutes, at most; unless you’re really fit.

do pushups to failure, then do plank to failure. then you’re done. the cool think about it is you don't need any weights, can do it anywhere, and it works a lot of muscles quickly.

Becca N.
I use the app FitOn for short and longer workouts. They have great variety. It comes as a free app or you can pay for additional features. I’m doing the free version. It allows me to schedule alerts for the times I usually want to do my workouts.
Elisa C.
On the internet you have lot of workouts for different parts of the body. I recommend you a 10 minutes calm morning routine for be more efficient.