How do you balance choosing an achievable workout goal for your morning routine with the fact that you may not have enough time in the morning to do a “full workout” then?

Olivia N.
By waking up early and having a good night's sleep. I have noticed that when I get enough sleep, I tend to be more alert and willing to do activities during the day. On the other hand, when I am tired and wake up late, my whole day goes by in a slow motion and I kind of don't want to do anything.
Therefore, I think enough sleep is highly recommended to be able to achieve your workout goal and to feel accomplished and active.
Byron S.
do less! and choose an activity that you don’t have to put on shoes (or pants) for. i personally love a quick 10-15 minute yoga video on youtube, which i can do in the private of my own room, but any exercise that doesn’t require shoes is a good exercise for my mornings. On days that i feel especially motivated, i might go on a walk or jog or something, but this is the exception, not the rule.
Marilou N.
I just do something very small like jumping jacks or walking around my house for a little bit. It keeps it from being over complicated or daunting
Shane F.
I choose a small workout that is a combination of muscle activation and stretches. My goal is to wake up the body in preparation of the day. I do this every morning, regardless if I plan to have a full workout or not.
Amanda G.
Well, I have enough time in the morning to do a full workout! But if I hadn't, I think doing exercises everyday is a good solution instead of doing three times a week or less
H Lmut Z.
Yes, actually I started that just recently.. In my work days I only do a quick warm up stretch which takes about 8 to 10 min, then on the weekends I can do slightly longer workouts sessions
Lisa C.
I think it's more important to find a time of day that works for you and your schedule. If it's not morning, then that's okay! If you DO want to commit to doing it in the morning, start small, like taking a 5 minute walk or doing a 5 minute YouTube workout. How often have you made a goal to exercise but completely scrapped it because you didn't have enough time? A little is better than nothing! For an awesome research-based technique for getting started, check out Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg. His work has greatly helped me make lasting changes! Cheers from Long Beach, California!
Sabrina Q.
I just try to compensate by doing extra walking while at work or create a little time in the evening after supper to do something.
Joselino Z.
Have a goal for the day. Do what you can in the morning and then if you don't finish find small breaks in your day to complete it… I do squats while to kettle is boiling or take the stairs instead of an elevator. Pick a basket instead of a trolley at the supermarket. Small things. Good luck!!!
Angi U.
I got a dog to force me outside for exercise and to help my mental health, or do a short video as any exercise is better than none
Gladys T.
Aim high and dont be afraid of falling short. If you only have a short time for a workout, plan to do high intensity cardio event mixed with high rep mid weight or body weight strength exercises. Plan for short breaks but if they get l ok anger because you wear yourself out and you dont hit your planned goal…. well that's ok because you got in a great workout, and that was the goal, right? Good luck and stay strong!
Jojo N.
Sometimes morning may not be the best time for a full workout with a warm-up, cool-down, targeting of different workout goals, etc. Instead, aim to get some movement into your morning. Movement is something small and achievable like climbing the stairs three times right after having your morning coffee and before your shower. Make your first movement goal super short and easy. Then you can reward yourself by celebrating accomplishment and also by increasing either reps or intensity. Climbing stairs can easily be increased to a harder workout by carrying a weight (heavy object), timing your self, moving faster, or increasing the amount of stairs to reach your morning target.
Begum N.
I have a yoga app which allows me to select the duration of my workout, therefore I have the freedom to choose a short or a long workout depending on the time I have, or my mood. If I don’t have any time in the morning I try to run my errands by biking for instance or dance a little around the house while listening to a fun playlist! Everyday is different and it is okay. I think flexibility is the key since it both allows me to keep up the habit and it doesn’t become mundane
Betsy P.
Ideally- I would get up earlier to make sure that I have time. But I need to make sure to move every morning. I have 15 minute Zumba stuff, do a quick stretch. Walk outside to check the garden, climb to the top of the playhouse to spy on the neighbors. Just move no matter what
Jan R.
I have the Wii console with a few work out games. The lenght are more or less 10 mins each so i always try to do two. It keeps track of your progress, motivates you, you unlock more exercises with your achievements and it keeps me really motivated to do it every day ( mon-fri) i recommend you get one 😊
El Onore U.
A proverb about meditation states if you only have time for 10 min of meditation do 20…. implying a priority shift out of necessity. We make time for what we want (rarely for what we need).
Abi J.
I try to go for a run every morning, on workdays I do 30 minutes and I save my long runs for the weekend. If time is really short, like if there is a birthday in the house or a crisis, I keep my exercise very short, just a 7 minute workout or plan to do it at a different time.
Hedda Q.
I have recently confirmed I have high cholesterol and my doctor told me I need to work out for 30 minutes a day. I decided to start by only choosing a 7-10 minute workout as part of my morning routine and only have done it for two days now. I have been playing one of the shortest ones that pop up on the exercise video options. It has been shocking how I woke up the second day and was sore only after 7 mins. I am hopeful I can continue to to add this routine and felt like I can definitely add a short workout that has had a high impact on my whole body with effective exercises with no equipment needed.
Ebrar N.
I don't tell myself that I'm gonna do this workout or something. Everyday when I wake up I'm choosing the right workout for myself and my timing. When I tell myself exactly what to do in everything, whenever I can't make it happen I'm feeling down and I feel like I'm not gonna be able to do any goal that I've put for myself.
Guy Z.
Choosing a 1-5 minute exercise to follow along is a good solution so far. As long as you get your heart rate up and you feel a little bit of a burn somewhere you're targeting I think it's a success. 😊 You're doing great!
Milele U.
I do not pressure myself during the week. When at work, I walk at morning break and after lunch. That is my morning workout. During the weekend, I do a YouTube strength training video. Slow and steady wins the race.
Shayla Z.
If I don’t have time I don’t let it get to me but my workout is only 4 minutes long, I can always get up 4 minutes earlier. If I miss it I do it later in the day.