If your work routine changes do your new healthy habits change with you easily?

Salih T.
I’m trying to keep healthy routine with changing working environment as much as possible, but when it’s really impossible, I’m just accepting it – any change of environment is an adventure, nothing to complain about, it’s what I like in my job:)

Bernice Z.
Not yet, but I'm working through a history of prioritising work over my health, and trying to just get back into my healthy habits. I need to reprioritise my health above all else and stick to it despite maybe disappointing people in needing to reschedule work. However, if I slip up and find my healthy habits slipping, I need to be compassionate towards myself, not judge myself too harshly and make the time to do what's better for my overall health. Get back on the horse even if having to restart small and rebuild 🙂

Perry Z.
Change something in your life makes you feel confuse and a little demoralized but after awhile you will be able to incorporate your healthy habits with your routine

Aymeric S.
Not easily. If you mean on a constant basis of change, then you need to be used to changing habits to adapt to it. Some days you might have to reassess and change certain habits. And it’s better to do them at different times than not at all. Sometimes I check the habits off, even if I don’t complete them, because to me that’s at least a promise to myself that I will continue trying

Alo S T.
Not sure if I’ve ever made the link before. My work schedule changes and could affect my routines more than I realize. I feel confident with Fabulous that I can now stick to a routine if I build it gradually. Already feeling good from the last week

Nicholas U.
If my work routine changes in a way where I have to wake up earlier, it’s definitely a lot harder to estimate the time I would need for my new healthy habits. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the optimum time to wake up so that I get enough sleep and also enough time for my habits in the morning.

Charlie G.
Actually my work routine is not regular, some days I stay in my home office, some days I have to take the car and other day I have to walk a lot. It happens that I have work to do until midnite or in weekend. For that reason is important to me having some healthy routine that keeps me connected with my needs. So, when work routine changes it is good for me to plan in advance my healthy habits

Daryl E.
Some days are easier than others. I find that I naturally want to slip back into what I’m accustomed to doing. If one part of my routine changes, the rest often seems thrown off for a bit until I can sit down (or stand up) and re-hash my life.

Josefa Q.
I find it difficult when I don't wake up the same time and follow the same routine first thing in the morning. Changes during the day are a little more easy to keep up with I'm guessing because I've been determined and accomplished and have the app to keep me on track. If I sleep in too late I feel pretty disregulated.

Rafael Y.
No. Thus far, I've exclusively used the platform being unemployed, and I seriously worry how I could maintain the routine if I ever become employed again. I'm even having trouble now, so I'm probably not the best person to ask. On the other hand, when I've had something to do for the day, that forces me to complete the routine faster as I have a finite amount of time to do it before leaving the house. But I'm not a morning person so I would find this hard if it was being fitted into early starts every day. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Norberta F.
Luckily my work routine doesn’t change. I find healthy eating is easier for me on the 3 days a week that I go to work. I find the weekends to be most challenging for healthy eating because the routine goes out the window. Something I’ve always struggled with! Struggling with healthy eating in general right now but weekends are the worst.

Victoire Q.
No. It's hard but I'll try to be better next round but I already feel better with water and breakfast routine well settle. Thanks

Willard U.
No! Sometimes I have to start over building new routines, but it usually doesn't take me as long because I know where I want to get to.

Ellen P.
It all starts with going to bed early so I can get up early and be intentional about my day. With that, I can be flexible and fluid. It all starts with the morning structure.

Phoebe C.
Yes, and no. Do I sound like a politician? A lawyer, perhaps? For the record, I am not running for public office. And, if it may please the court, let it be known that I have not studied, nor do I claim to practice law.
Thank you, your honor.
Ok. Yes, I like to be the center of attention, but only in front of friends, and only if what I say is funny. Otherwise, I apologize.
Health habits remain, but the times each habit is performed may change if your work schedule changes. So if I switch from day shift to night shift, I will sleep later, and arise later. When I awaken, I will drink water, brush teeth, eat breakfast with macronutrients, exercise if time permits, meditate, etc.
If I make something a habit, my body will feel uncomfortable unless I continue the habit. I can explain why in a future post. But suffice it to say, that if one has a pattern of behavior ingrained after repeated actions, you will continue. What changes is the time. If you don’t repeat your new health habits, then, logically, ( yes, love Star Trek. Yes, Mr Spock was my hero) your habits were not habits after all.
How does one make something a habit? By using an app like this one, and being accountable by logging in. One of the few good things about AI is it keeps reminding you to log in your healthy habit. Hey, not my fault, go yell at the developers who coded it.
I’m kidding, please don’t yell at them… how will you get to Val Halla, aye? That’s Sto Vo Kor for all you Klingons.

Juanita U.
No, for me it's a struggle to keep my routines going when my schedule changes. I'm hoping that's not going to be the case with this morning routine though, because I've really been sticking to it even when I've been fatigued and doing nothing else.

Byron T.
They may change. It is all a system. Every action is a part of it. Expect changes when you modify something. Then you have to adapt, tweak here an there and back to the healthy routine. I think it is actually good to go through these routine changes. Challenges you to adapt. Life is changes. They will happen sooner or later.

Ivan Z.
I know that I set myself a time and a place to do it and there are circumstances that arise like meeting with family, being late from work or even the weather have a tendency to offline my routine a bit.

Ethan U.
I don’t have a work routine instead I have a complicated demanding and sometimes chaotic personal life with a schizoaffective adult daughter. So I find it difficult to stick to the new habits when a not previously programmed demand is made for my time.

Frida E.
This is an area of difficultly for me. I struggle with lack of motivation to cook and if I do, it’s normally a quick meal (which aren’t always healthy).

Phillip T.
Yes, I have time booked on my calendar to do my routines. If something comes up or conflicts with it, I just adjust the scheduled time around the conflict as needed. I check my calendar the night before and make adjustments based on my work schedule. It doesn’t always work out seamless but I’m trying to do my routine even if it’s way early or late just to get it in the day. It helps me to keep building on my habit. Another thing I have to consciously remind myself is I AM WORTH THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. I DESERVE IT. The rest of the world will still operate just fine if I do or don’t take the time, but the difference is I FEEL BETTER.

Justine C.
Hello! I believe it does affect my habits. My work routine determines a significant portion of my day, for example if I am staying at home to work then I could have more freedom to incorporate healthy routines such as cooking, shopping for food, exercising. If I am going to the office then I might also end up eating unhealthy with others.

Beatrice Z.
If my routine changes, I have no problem with drinking water and eating a healthy breakfast. The exercise is what gets shorted. I try to do it at a different time.

Antonio E.
For me it may be a bit of a struggle just because I have to adapt to a new commute, schedule or any other changes in my routine. But as long as I'm focused and committed, I can usually rework my healthy habits to fit. You just need to be willing to tweak and adapt a bit 🙂

Fernando U.
No it does not happen easily. Just as any change, t requires an
adjustment period. You formulate a plan … get it in motion and make it happen.

Coline P.
That’s the toughest part. Sometimes I skip and most of the time I have to rearrange the habits just to make it work. Not that easy but manageable.

Ryan U.
Yes, because I make myself the priority. If I don’t take care of me how can I do my best at work. When you make a commitment to yourself to live a healthier life style you will find a way to have everything else fit into that routine.

Rodney P.
Absolutely! These are small things that take little time.
I'm not just creating new habits out of time I didn't have. I had, and still have plenty of procrastination time to fill in with productive tasks such as the ones this app suggests.