How much should you exercise(in minutes) and how often (during a week) ? and what type of exercises if you have originally a body that tends to put on fat ?

Rudinele N.
When you first wake up I think something to get your heartrate up and help wake up your body for just a few mins is fine. If you have the time though, I recommend a full 30 mins. At least 3 times a week is what will help keep extra weight off. And cardio or HIIT workouts are best to burn fat. Start with fat burning before focusing on muscle building.
Emily Z.
You should exercise at least 30 min daily or 1 hour 3 times a week. If your body tend to put on fat cardio exercise would be a good option along with a healthy diet
Ivy A.
Atleast 15-30 minutes thrice a week will do. As for the exercises it depends on your metabolism rate and what exactly you want for your body whether it’s to strengthen core, build muscles or lose weight. You can always find a trusted trainer and consult them on what workouts work best for you. Also make sure you’re doing the workouts right to avoid hurting your back
Irene J.
Hi, you can decide to exercise for as little as 5mins but not less. Or you can exercise for a whole hour especially if you are a committed gymnist. You can also decide to exercise everyday for as little as 5-7mins. Or once or twice a week for 1hour, like you did in highschool or junior classes. I suggest walking and jogging for a person who adds weight easily. Jogging will help you have regular exercise and lose weight gradually.
Kate O.
150 min of moderate energy a week is recommended by health services so that's roughly 20 min/day. Keep in mind that could be broken up to 10 min in morning and 10 min at night if that makes it easier. More mucslce you have more you burn even at rest so weight training is important for keeping fat stores down
Du Lio Z.
I exercise 10-20 minutes everyday unless something comes up. I don’t really know any exercises that put off depending on the area. If You want to put off fat in your belly area then do crunches apart from that I don’t know or am not sure of it. Hope I was able to help.
Miranda U.
The amount of exercise depends on your needs and starting ability. My favorite thing is to run with my dog. When I started running (4 years ago), I only exercised for the 12-15 minutes it took me to run a single mile every couple of days. A year later, I was running her 7 miles in an hour 5 times a week. I think what is important is that you take the time to build the habit. I suffered from a nutrient deficiency this past year that meant I could barely get out of bed, let alone run. I couldn't do basic math at work, and I forgot things all the time. It was so embarrassing. I cried all the time because I couldn't do basic things, let alone the exercise I loved. Even my dog has lost her endurance. I couldn't even leisurely walk her for 15 minutes without needing a rest. I'm feeling better now though. I haven't started running yet, but I have started walking my dog again. A month ago, I couldn't do it every day, but this week I did. And that's what matters. Maybe in another month, I can run her a mile.
This probably isn't the answer you wanted or expected. But I think it's the right one. Do exercises you love as often as you are able for as long as you are able. Make it a habit.
Sonia S.
I think the ideal exercise routine, for me at least, would be 3 times a week for around 40 to 50 min of medium to high intensity training. Because i hv a leaner body, where i mostly accumulate fat over my belly area, i like to mix high intensity with muscle training as i need to grow muscle to bulk up a bit otherwise i tend to lose all the muscle and look super skinny again. I'm super lazy though, so I've been trying to stick with the 3 x workout at the gym for the next 3 months and hope it sticks.
Yema L.
I exercise for 30-45 min at least twice a week, though I’m trying to change that to 3-4 times. I typically do Pilates, weight-lifting, and cardio— all from my home! I don’t have access to a gym, so I just do YouTube videos (I love Blogilates videos!!) and look up dumbbell routines on Google.
Rachel I.
Hmmm. Well for me I do Yoga, with the down dog app. On the app you can choose how many minutes and at what pace you can do it. Right now I am at 15 minutes. When I feel like I can do this without breaking a sweat I will step it up gradually. For you find what is right for you and do that. I know what it means to have fat. I am 265 pounds, I have curves so to speak and I try my best to do the yoga, I am at beginner level. I also have PCOS which means it's hard for my body to burn the fat without proper dieting as well, so I am also doing that, which is why Fabulous app is great for me. It reminds me to drink water first thing which is good to jump start your digestive tract. I recently started drinking warm water in the morning and also in the evening. Then I have my breakfast and exercise, although sometimes not in that order, sometimes I exercise first since you have to wait 45 minutes after drinking warm water to eat. Hope this helps.