How do I get outside more?

Lloyd T.
I can work outside, here or at a coffee shop or park. Walk the dog more, go on more hikes and bike rides. I do get outside a lot. This is not a concern of mine. There are days that I stay inside all day but I love the outdoors. Plans for more backpacking are on the horizon, etc..
Mads W.
Set a goal to walk one mile a day for two weeks. If you need to build up to that, it’s fine! Then, add just a little distance every few days. In addition, plan some brief outdoor activities. Plant a flower pot, pull some weeds for 10 minutes, mow the yard. It all adds up!
Harry Z.
It depends on what you like doing. If you like games, you can try some "on the go" ones like pokemons or ingress. If you like nature, challenge yourself to see/photograph something new everyday.
Rasmus A.
Go to a park, walk around look at beautiful flowers. If you work even on lunch break walk around the building. I hope this helps
Wade Q.
I think you have to find things that you love about being outside. It can be hard when the weather isn’t cooperating or you’re feeling tired but find a target or a destination of interest – be it looking for flowers or exploring a new neighbourhood, a new hiking trail. And try to have something you enjoy doing outside every season.
Leni W.
Have you ever decided to watch a short TV episode, eat a snack, or scroll through your phone on a “break” from whatever you’re doing? Try forcing yourself to step outside for that same amount of time. Even if it’s just a handful of minutes, you’ll likely get a little more movement and definitely benefit from the fresh air.
Anselmo E.
For me, most of my activities happen indoors, so I have to be intentional about Spending time outside. Usually I try to take a walk outside every day for about a mile, but it doesn’t always happen. You just have to do what you can.
Jon R.
Open the door. Sometimes it’s as easy as that. Walk around the block. Take your pets for a walk. But just start by opening the door x
Iago C.
Find things that you enjoy to do. If it's running, go for a nice run. Enjoy walking? Go for a walk. Bird watching? Swimming outdoors? Whatever it may be, just get out and do it.
Dimitrios U.
I try to keep my windows open a lot, that tends to motivate me to go out. Also, having a dog makes me go outside at least 3 times a day. I keep a bag ready at all times to go down to the pool or to the beach. That way, I might have to refill a water bottle, but I only have to get on some sunblock and go.
No Lie Z.
I find that combining other enjoyable activities with going outside or going for a walk works for me. I’ll listen to podcasts while walking and recently I’ve even been getting into Pokemon Go again, and that’s certainly motivated me to go walk outside more. Inviting a friend to come along is also great motivation and helps to keep you accountable and make sure you actually stick to what you were planning to do.
Jofre Q.
Open the door and step through it. If you need a reason play a game such as Pokémon GO which requires you to walk to interact with the game
Pauline Q.
Get off the train one stop early
Wake up early and make going outside the first thing you do. There’s a Silicon Valley guy (I can’t remember who), who takes a picture of a different flower every morning on his run. Noticing the flowers adds another dimension to ‘just getting outside’ gives you more motivation to do it. Maybe you could text a friend about what you saw that morning, what pleased you? Maybe you could come home and write about it for 5 minutes. You could meet a friend every day. Tying the ritual to others gives you more reason to accomplish it. But a lightweight umbrella and always carry it with you. When you get the idea, just do it. Count down from 5 and follow it with a physical action. Make it easy to do: have your shoes by the door, write yourself a note, label your social media section on the phone ‘go outside’ or ‘mindless’ and this will be an extra reminder to do it.
Remember that it’s really easy. It’s cheap, it’s flexible, and it’s simple. Just go for a walk round the block first time, then build it up.
Vinko O.
Think of yourself like a plant. You need sun, water, nutrients. A plant the doesn't get sun starts to wilt. Go for a mindful walk on your work breaks, or right away in the morning before work.
Ian J.
The best way is to list the nearest but nice places you would love to be in. Then find a convenient time frame to get out. It's better if you find a friend to be with. If not then try to find a companion in form of music, book, or something which you will like to be with. Start small
Heribert S.
I try to make any excuse to be outside like going to a coffee shop and parking further away or bringing a book with me to the park
Tony O.
Go outside =)

Merry up an activity you enjoy and a specific type of weather to create a new experience (Running in the rain. If it’s hot, do something active to sweat easier and get a tan faster)

Combine social + outdoors + activity/exercise (Go on a hike, camp, or a walk in the park with friends or family).

Take your breaks at work outside (quick walks)

Mia Z.
I like going on walks with my dogs to get outside. Even going to the pool or hiking would work. If you have a dog, try to use him or her to motivate you to walk them. Sometimes I may not care for myself, but I care about my dog's health! Caring for his or her health can also help you in a roundabout way.
Thea G.
If the weather is nice, you can eat your lunch or take a break outside. I just discovered a fantastic coffee shop by forcing myself to leave the office and go for a little wander.
Selma Y.
If you're into it and in a non-rural area, Pokemon Go can be a great motivator to be out and about. Otherwise, you might try walking with your favorite music, podcast, or book. Stay safe, obviously, but I found it easier to get out when I was able to multitask. I also use it as a good time to call and catch up with friends and family.
L Rke A.
If you have a dog getting playing him/her outside is a great way to get outside more. Or if you have kids you could take them to a park!
Fabiana Q.
I actually go outside when I’m most stressed. That moment of the day when I’m so so overwhelmed by it all. I try to walk around barefoot and take in the sun so I can tough the ground, smell my herbs and take some time to just take some slow breaths. It helps me re-focus so well that I crave going outside to calm my mind.
Marie F.
1) replace car by bike or public transport:
Do you really need to take the car even for short distances or could you take the bike?
2) Start small but consistenly: schedule a 10 min walk every day. Increase the duration if you want to.
3) there are no excuses for not going outside: THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!
Rich X.
I think if at first it’s not it possible for you to go out alone then ask ur friend to come down for a walk in the evening. So that you don’t feel boring and at the same time you are outside.
Krystyna F.
Ask yourself why you arent going outside more. Is it due to schedule or for personal reasons. And think about whats stopping you and if thats even a good reason. If there is a good reason to stay inside more than outside, find a better reason to be out. And the same as all these processes, start small. Take 5 minutes of your day to just go outside and soak up the sun, no need to work out or anything. Once you feel comfortable with that start adding activities.
Ilija F.
I visit the local library and walk to get groceries since I don’t have a drivers licence. It can take me 30 minutes to an hour to get there, but the fresh air is nice on days that I feel antsy from being inside all day. Hobbies that include you to go out play a huge role in why I leave the house often.
Tracy W.
It's hot, so the best options are early morning or after dark. I have dogs that need to be walked, so that is imposed motivation. :-))
P Pio Q.
Get a dog! She's what gets me out of the house daily, in all weather. They make you appreciate your local area more. A dog, and a good relationship with it, is a must for me!
Garance S.
By setting time for outside and building that habit no matter what! Then reward yourself every time you go outside. Doing fun things outside will also give you the enthusiasm to go out!!! MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN
Benjamin C.
Make sure you get dressed every morning. Even if you don't have plans. Go for a short walk. Don't set your goals to high. For instance you could start off just checking the letterbox everyday.