What is the best excersise to start your day with?

Justin N.
Quick fat loss routine and stretching routine…or sets of push up. I want to get the equipment for pull up but can’t find one that fit my bedroom door…
Oliv Rio Q.
That is really dependent on the individual. A morning person might do well with a high energy workout, whereas a night owl should maybe stick to something light and easy like stretches or a walk
Thiago F.
A walk. Nothing complex, just a walk. An hour long one if you can, or just 10 minutes to clear your head. If you’re really feeling up to it, you can follow it with some weight training. Depends how much time you have in the morning.
Milton O.
In my opinion? Wednesday. It doesn't have the same level of mental stress that Monday causes but it during the week which helps you stick to a routine
Charlotte Z.
The best exercise to start my day will be abs, cus it works the core of my body and give me energy for the rest of the day
Scarlett Y.
A good full body stretch. Where you move and touch as many muscles on your body as you can. And then a little dancing to a solid jam to really wake up.
Ondina Q.
My personal favorite is Yoga, but I like to mix it up with walking on my treadmill. If I've had to get up extra early or I'm running late and need to rush, I'll put on some dance music and dance around as I'm getting ready! I believe that whatever gets you moving in the morning is the right exercise for you.
Tracey E.
I have an elliptical machine next to my bed. As soon as I get up, I get a quick 5 minutes on my elliptical. For me, this is the easiest and most effective way to stick my goal of exercising every morning.
Hans Rainer J.
I’m doing some Yoga every morning. With sone time i’m getting better and better and can do more difficult exercises with the same effort.
Alexander A.
The best exercise to start your day with is Core Abs Workout. It's the best exercise to strengthen your abs in the morning.
Matth Us Q.
I usually start my day walking my dog around the park, so even if you don't have a dog, going out for at least 10 minutes it makes a difference in your day. Also sometimes I like to do HIIT, (you can Google it, there are tons of videos on YouTube) and just with 10 or 15 minutes, it gives you a boost for the rest of the day and it helps you to burn fat 🙂
Ella P.
I usually start my day with a 30 minute yoga routine, not from the fabulous app but from an instructor on YouTube. It helps stretch out the body and get the blood pumping, it really wakes you up.
Bill P.
I find that walking has been something I really enjoy doing. It’s easy to get your blood pumping and nice to take in the surrounding area. I love it
Roxane N.
I like the 7 minute work out. There is lots of different apps that provide different excercises for the 7 minute work out. I am quite pushed for time so need something quick that gives me the full benefits of a 30 minute work out. If I have time, I like to get out and walk my dog in the morning so I dont have to do it at night.
Lise Q.
Cognitive : At least 3 deep breaths, followed by metta phrases
May I be happy
May I be well
May I be safe
May I be at peace
Physical : gentle stretches followed by walking around the house to get things ready for the day.
Shoulder and trapezoid 180 degree rotation arm lift followed by 2 balance exercises.
Titouan Z.
What i do is start by streching for 5 minutes and then do simple things like jumping jacks and lunges. I hope this helped
Simon X.
I plank for 30 seconds, then drums for 7-8 minutes. I keep planning to watch the 7-minute workout video, but I always forget until after I’ve already completed my workout! Lol
Irene B.
I do HIIT in the morning because it's so quick but it does make you very sweaty so if you prefer to shower in the evening, it may not be right for you
Clara B.
Just start by something light to get you heart pumping. You can do a more strenuous workout later but start with something super easy like jumping jacks
Loretta F.
Dancing in the morning is my favorite way to wake up. Putting on some uplifting music with a good beat that I can sing and dance along to always helps me to start my day feeling great!
Paulo S.
I like to do a mixture of things throughout the week, such as strength/ weight-training, H.I.T.T., and cardio. I always save my cardio for the end of the workout (followed by a cooldown and stretching), and I always start my workout with a 5 min warmup and stretching.
Emma W.
I need short, but effective exercise routine in the morning because I have to leave for work early. I've been trying the seven minute workout and it's pretty good..
D Lia P.
A brisk walk is a great way to get your blood flowing. I also find that its a great time to think about your goals for the day
Joel Y.
I find it to be yoga! It’s so flexible, pun intended, that I can roll out of bed and do something gentle or go in stronger once I’m warmer. I find it helps iron out any kinks and sets me up well for my day. I have tried other things but find that yoga is the one thing I can consistently find space and time for during my morning 🙂
Marius Z.
Anything that gets your body moving. I've been quite fond of the one minute workout (five pushups, fifteen seconds of high knees and jumping jacks), which is difficult but also about all you can get me to do in the morning anyway. Better than yoga that's for sure.
Karl W.
I took karate classes as a kid and remember loving the "kata" routines. I had to look up the videos to remind myself of how to do them but I really like going through the movements. Not only is it fun for me but it also somehow brings back that Joy from my childhood.
Ethan F.
When I go to work I just walk around the block before I go to my car. On other days I like to do the 5 daily workout moves of Tone It Up.
Jeanne F.
A brisk walk or run with your dog. FYI- a dog is the best exercise buddy because he lives with you and nags in a
Cute way!
Britney W.
I like doing yoga to start the day. Some simple stretches gets my blood moving and loosens my joints amd muscles
I like that it is gradual and the intensity can vary depending on how I am feeling and what i need.
Phyllis Q.
I like to take a longer walk to work. That way I feel like I am moving in a direction with a purpose and it is not so intense that I need to shower
N Ris P.
Either a walk, yoga or both. I feel better when I connect to the world outside and balance my energetic body first thing in the day. It helps me to maintain a positive and controlled emotional state.
Felecia O.
Hi , well I like to start my day with 25 min. meditation and breathing exercises! To me is the first step, then I love to stretch for 6 min with a chill music; stretching is very important before my 30 fitness hula hoop routine exercise! 🧜🏾‍♀️
Lo S F.
I like to just take a walk outside. It keeps the bar low, and I can reframe my activity as simply getting some sun and fresh air for the day. Makes the whole thing less of a chore.
Bibiano C.
I don't know if it's the "best", but I like to dance. It just makes me happy. Listening to some good music and working the kinks out. I used to really enjoy morning yoga too.
Lea W.
I believe that the best to start with is the One minute just get moving session because it really wakes your mind and body up it’s also a great short exercise.I hope I was any help.Good luck on you Fabulous Journey!!!🤗🤗🤗
Erika U.
I'd say definitely something that starts with a warm up, maybe 5 or 10 minutes, and then whatever you feel is comfortable for the morning. I prefer stretching and all that, and then either treadmill or riding my flip scooter. So either running or a lighter cardio, easy on the knees.
Max T.
Starting a day with stretching is good. It relaxes muscles. For starters, you could do rope jumping, push ups, sit ups etc.
Lucie S.
I love my morning walk. I get to feel some sunshine and think about how I want my day to go. I wouldn't want to be without it.
Ritthy N.
The best exercise in the morning for me would be going on a light run or jog. It helps me feel energized in the morning and helps me stay more awake and alert throughout the day! 🙂
Jeppe U.
I'd like to just walk around my block in the morning but I prefer to goof around inside my house and just run around and dance.
Edith J.
Drink some water put some music and move around, it doesn't have to be a workout like push-ups or sit-ups, although maybe jumping jacks is a good way to go
Janusz F.
i start with yoga in the morning to stretch and wake up my body. it helps with balance and posture and it's a refreshing way to start the day!
Jacqueline W.
well personally, i do a full body workout everyday. i have a certain goal that i want to achieve with my body, so it really depends on you! if you are trying to work on a certain body part or muscle, you should go for an exercise targeting that area.
Jimmie S.
On a nice day, I can find pleasure in going out for a run. I hope this will hold up once the weather gets worse.
Yoga is also a calm way to start the day.
Elis G.
I suppose everyone feels different. It all depends what would you like to do really. I love doing yoga in the morning. Or maybe go for a run on a nice day! Hope it helps! Have a wonderful day!
Mathilde E.
Ankle rolls work best for me because my ankles are always killing me in the morning. Sometimes a couple of lunges. Mostly depends on what is hurting that morning!!
Emil B.
I started doing Fabulous's 7-Minute Workout, as I did not exercise regularly and was not fit whatsoever. I find the 7-Minute Workout perfect for me, it does a little of everything — cardio, arms, legs, and tummy muscles. As someone just starting to exercise daily, I think this is the best route.
Rayan N.
I like to walk and or do yoga. I feel like if I have done either or both of those I have taken great care of myself on a cellular level
Vitus Q.
It depends on the kind of exercise you want to do, if you want to do some stretching try some morning yoga videos but if you want something more hardcore go for a run.
Birgitt U.
I personally like to do some light stretching to gently reactivate my body. I do it right after drinking some water and before breakfast in order to be more comfortable with my stomach. My favorite morning stretch session is called "Kelli's quick cool down and stretch", by the Fitness Blender channel on YouTube. Lovely with some nature sounds playing in the background.
Carrie W.
I’m a big fan of yoga! Feels amazing to stretch after laying for so long. And you can modify it to make it as intense as you feel up for.