What kind of exercise habit have you made?

Damien N.
I actually joined a gym that is only a walk from my house. I have found I love the people who work there and the members there. Everyone reminds you when they miss you and the classes are fun but challenging. The coaches hold you accountable when you miss and it’s the perfect environment.

Mille G.
I have made 7min work out routine using the fabulous app. My goal is to reach the 10min routine but as of now 7min is good for me.

Dustin F.
I do yoga 3 times a week, dance 3 times a week, sprint 2 times a week , play cricket/football 4 times a week and I go to gym 6 times a week. You can make your own habits. I have my own limitations and challenges.

Telmo A.
Roughly 10min strech with total of 5 pushups, 10 squats, 5min inverted bike. For future followups i will refer to this routine as basic-1.

Mads Z.
I have made a very small exercise habit. It is enough for right now. Just some light yoga for now. I will introduce Jillian Michaels in Soon. I just want to actually stick to it. I know myself. If I make working out a big deal I won’t actually start it. If it’s a small change I’m more willing to adapt to this new lifestyle. We can see where I’m at later if I want to ramp it up. For now, I just want to do it small.

Rosalba Q.
before going to play football,i work out exactly at 7 pm and i go to play only after I've finished working out.i do the 7 min workout and then do some extra pushups and wide arm pushups+some ab exercises and then i set out

Jeffery S.
I tried to keep it simple so that I can make sure I keep motivation to make it a habit and not think about it to much. I pick 3 different exercises (for example :jumping Jack's, crunches, donkey kick) x20 and do repeat these three exercises 3 times. And that's it! It takes no more than a few minutes each morning and still… You manage to 'work out' each morning. Great for mental health and I even get to welcome some real abs!🎉 😉

Wesley E.
The last three days I wake up every morning and complete 100 repetitions of one foindational exercise. I pray that each movement better prepares me for everyday life and future strength. In the following weeks I will add abs, prehabilitation, resistance, and varying speeds of movement to get what I want and need: a strong foundation on which to build my church.

Marie W.
When i wake up, I start with a morning wormup and than do a 8-14 min workout, or go out for a run after doing some running stretches. The secret for me is not second-guessing my self and just doing it, by being in the moment

Roland U.
Every morning I walk 1 mile. At lunch I walk for 10mins. In addition, I do a 15-30min weights/HIIT workout at least 4 times a week.

Christina E.
When it's raining outside I am cycling a few minutes on the Ergometer otherwise I walk thirty minutes on my way to work. But, if I don't feel like any of it I do a few minutes of stretching.

Connor P.
Dancing to Stevie Wonder on Pandora for 3-6 songs in the morning. His music reminds me of a New Year's Eve celebration that made me really happy.

Dami O Q.
I do the 4 minutes core workout in the app. A little short, but enough for me as I am in a sedentary job of sorts. Also I hit the gym 2-3 times per week so I reckon the best habits are those who stick 🙂

William B.
I have a lot of physical problems; arthritis in knees and lower back. I also work from home at a computer all day. I’ve started very slowly by using the Move app. It reminds me at set intervals to get up and gives me a single exercise to do. Examples are 20 high knees per leg, 10 leg lifts per leg, etc. By the end of the day, it adds up to 15 minutes. I am working up to adding a daily walking routine.

Kelly J.
I have joined a 21 day yoga challenge, which has allowed me to make space every day for yoga. Practicing yoga can be done at home or in my office, so there are no excuses to not have time. In addition, I feel so great, renewed, calm, more energy, after my workout that I would feel it a disservice to myself to skip.

Marie E.
I have started weight training, because i use to feel less energetic and body was not in shape.Its just been a month and my body has started responding positive due to weight training.

Florian T.
I've been doing 3-5 minutes of stretching, the 7 minute workout on Fabulous, followed by another 3-5 minutes of stretching.

Kelly C.
I have been going on a walk with my dog every morning. It may be small but it’s better than nothing which is what I was doing before.

Filipo Q.
Right now, I've kept it simple, for the sake of ingraining the habit… I put on some music and I dance around with reckless abandon, lol

Adrien C.
Going to Baby Boot Camp has been the most consistent, longest lasting exercise routine I’ve ever engaged in since I was 18 and still participating in high school swimming. It’s definitely challenging. I’ve often been so sore that it’s hard to sit down, stand up, or use the stairs. At the same time, the environment is so uplifting, encouraging, and supportive that I don’t get so frustrated I quit. The social aspect of the group has been the key factor in being able to stick with it. I did about 10 months doing just one day a week, and switched to 3 days a week after Lucy died. Right now I’m at 2 days a week to accommodate Harvey’s music class, but I can’t wait to get back to it “full time.”

Angelina Y.
Using a workout program that holds me accountable to show up. Making sure I also stay realistic in my goals but still allow room for growth and challenges.

Clifton P.
I get up every morning and take my dog for a 30 minute walk, then when he's eating his breakfast I do some situps and pushups, some days I add extra bits in and some days I dont, but the foundation of my routine is the 30 minute dog walk.

Troy S.
I’ve decided to do yoga everyday, and if I can’t do that then a small 7 minute workout in between days is good too. I wanted yo early to make time for my day and if I don’t make enough time then a quick workout helps

Centa J.
I like to time my workouts by episodes of my favorite podcasts. It helps the time go by much faster than even music sometimes!

Eddie J.
I'm just getting ready and head to my basement where i have a lot of equipment. I'm doing strength and cardio on different days, unless i have time and energy for both. If I'm really in a hurry, I'll do stretching or a really quick strength workout.

Maya W.
Getting up earlier is really helping but also just allowing myself 8 minutes to do some kind of physical activity is keeping me on track with my daily goal.

Roger F.
Since the beginning of my journey with fabulous app I have doing push-ups every morning before my great breakfast and every evening before diner each day.
Today it became a routine and I am really enjoying it every single day since then.

Sebastian Z.
I lift weights MWF, Zumba on Saturday and get min 7000 steps a day. Have just added the challenge of running a 5k, so will be training TThSu for that.

Alberte P.
I'm getting into better habits that are allowing me to be a better me I'm trying to be healthier along with exercising more so I'll be ready for my wedding day

Jennie Z.
I’m a little more advanced than needing to start an exercise program from the ground level. I have been a workout person fairly consistently throughout my life.

So with that said, I currently workout 3 times a week. I do so in the mornings. And I complete a full body workout, which takes about 25 minutes. Then I do High intensity interval training on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Since meeting Fabolous I have been more consistent and will adjust my routin a little next week.

PS: about 3 times a week I do core training and a back rehabilitation stretching routine.


Dircen Ia E.
Morning air squats for 2 minutes, push ups for 2 minutes, sit ups for 2 minutes and finally cross Planck's for 2 minutes.

Lucy S.
Hey there buddy:) I’m pretty busy with work; therefore, I don’t always find time to workout that often. So for my daily exercise routine I decided to walk to work everyday. I try to walk a bit faster than I normally would. This takes me about 15 min. So it’s definitely a good morning workout ☺️ good luck with your routine!

Abigail R.
I workout in the morning before work for 30 min after dropping my boys to school. To add extra time to my workout I do 10-15 min before I drop them off. Sometimes I’ll workout in the evenings as well. I commit to Fitbit challenges and to my daily step goal which helps push me. The challenges are key to helping me move and lose weight.

Sacha F.
I don’t feel I have it locked in yet but I just try to do something first thing in the morning, sometimes I walk the dog, sometimes I dance in the living room, sometimes I do high marches and Kicks, just whatever I think of to do in the moment. Just trying to get into the habit. I’m an older person and I hurt so I feel pretty good about doing even a few minutes.

Matteo Q.
I work at a gym but am always “too busy” so I scheduled time with a personal trainer during my lunch 2 days a week. Also doing “homework” from my trainer.

Tiago N.
I wake up every morning at 430 and go to a 515 class at the YMCA. I’ve realized that is I don’t go to the gym, I won’t exercise. It’s not as easy as walking around the block or dancing in my living room, but it requires enough effort that I have to commit, but not so much effort that I get discouraged and quit.

Jim S.
I use the full body exercises from the Android Home workout for Men app.
I also run once a week for about 40 minutes.
And in case I feel I am up for it, without over-working my body, I get another set of exercises done for any part of my body I feel could use empowerment.

Wallace Y.
My personal one consisted mainly of an exercises, but I only recently used the built in routines and found jumping jacks to be really effective at giving me energy.

Joan J.
To meet the Fabulous exercise goal challenge, which is to work out at low intensity for 8 minutes. I look forward to increasing that, but with guidance.

Julie Z.
When I wake up in the morning I do 2 minutes of wall sits, 20 push ups, and a quick 10 minute yoga flow. Just gets my blood circulating. I weight train at night, but a little activity first thing in the morning helps me feel my best.

Eve Y.
I go to pole fitness Wednesdays and Sundays as well as trying to weight lift throughout the week.

I walk as much as possible because it helps with my nerves.

Samuel Z.
Walking my wee dog in the mornings, before I shower or have breakfast or anything else. It doesn’t have to be long – just around the park – but it starts wake me up gently (as opposed to gyms with bright lights or pumping music!) and instils a feeling of gratitude for where I live and my happy pooch.

Vickie F.
I go to the gym after work and don’t have a ton of time in the am. so in the morning I stretch, do a round of push ups and then some burpees just to get the heart rate going. If I have time I’ll for a 30 min jog Instead

Julie C.
I’ve started doing yoga in the morning. I do it right after I’ve finished my water and before I go eat breakfast. It feels so good to do some sun salutations, even when I don’t feel good and my legs hurt from pushing too hard yesterday. I’ve been thinking about starting to run and had planned to start today but I didn’t feel well (and I didn’t set anything out for it; probably because I didn’t feel well last night). But yoga feels good and I’ve always wanted to develop a yoga habit. Once I get comfortable with the beginners routine I’m doing I’m hoping to expand into an intermediate sun salutation.

Juanita S.
The kind of exercise that I do is running for 20 minutes, stretching for 20 minutes, and doing 10 push ups to help build my strength.

Alan L.
i need to do bike … sense of freedom, speed, wind on my face … and also uphills where you’re not giving up … just like in life

Jim Y.
I have significant medical issues. So, the PT (physical therapy) that I do every morning is what count for the exercise habit.

Andrea G.
I do yoga every morning, it's great because I can make it as long or short as I want depending on how much time I have. And I don't have to leave my room or get dressed so there late very few obstacles

Sert Rio Q.
I've chosen to exercise at home for 15 to 20 min plus a yoga cooldown or strech for 5 to 10min. Using youtube and 8fit app. Sometimes I do 5min yoga flow in the middle of afternoon too, to give my mind a rest.

Valdemar W.
I get up at 4:30 in the am so going to the gym or even being active in my house that early will wake up my young children.

I got for stretching /yoga in the early am. It is quiet and gentle way to start my day. There is a great app, "down dog" that I use. I do anywhere from 5 minutes when I am rushed to 20 minutes when I have more time.
Later in the day, if there is time, u try to find more rigorous exercise like a walk/run or gym time. Weekends are best for me to get in some serious sweat time.

If I do a little each day that is better then not doing it at all. This app helped me see that.

Diana P.
I have started walking my dog early in the morning – preferably before the sun comes up. Not only does this provide exercise for me and my dog, but it also allows my body time to wake up and enjoy the simplicity of the morning.

Inaya Y.
I've made a commitment to cut for 12 weeks. For me this means 5 times a week for 12 weeks, 60 workouts. What makes it more visual is I've got a big calendar and I cross off a day every time I complete a workout and countdown to the end. Keeps me focused.

Cirleni S.
I do only 20 minutes of exercise in the morning, since I have very busy days. It depends how my body feels, I can do 20 minutes of yoga with an app called Downdog, or 20 minutes of calisthenics (push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc) with and app called 30 days. I also bike to work since my office is very near. Sometimes I just bike to a lake that we have in my city and go around it once, it takes an hour so it is a good exercise on my off days.

Dalva O.
I like to walk, especially outdoors when the weather is nice. It clears my mind and it is something I can do daily without aggravating my joints.

Luke A.
First, I meditate at home for 12 minutes, then I go to the gym. I work out around 50 minutes. I start with stretching, a bit of yoga, the. 10-15 minute cardio, then I proceed to one of two muscle training sets: one day chest/triceps/shoulders and the other back/legs/biceps. Hope that inspires you!

Alan E.
I have made it a habit to go to the gym at least 4x a week – no excuses. Even if that means I go and do a short workout or the bare minimum, I still go. Getting there is half the battle right?

Gene S.
I go on 30 minute walks with my dog daily in the evenings. However, I used to do like 15-30 minute hard workouts (pushups, planks etc.), but lately I'm feeling really sick, but I'm getting better.