Is it good to drink water all through a meal, or only after or just before?

Henni U.
Well, I think it's a good habit if you drink a glass of water just after the meal because it helps more facilitated digestion
Cristina N.
It is better to drink water throughout a meal to help your body digest the food. It is also better to eat slowly and enjoy your food as it takes a while for you brain and stomach to communicate that it is full.
Andreas G.
There’s no right or wrong answer to this, however I find that I eat less when I drink water before a meal. It’s also easier for me to drink water during a meal, to help me Track my intake
Madhuri X.
All through a meal since it'll also slow down the rate of food intake and allow you to register when you're actually full, in addition to keeping your body hydrated
Esteban C.
Q friend of mine who is a nutritionist once told me that, you should drink water before the meal for two reasons, one is if you drink after, Al the vitamins and such get washed by it, and second because if you drink water before hand it will help you to diminish your hunger in that meal and therefore eat lose weight