How can I build muscle while working out at home?

Sally Z.
Eating protein like a boiled egg, a cup of beans or a smoothie made of nut butter before and or after strength workout would help a great deal with this. This workout would look like pushups, squats, leg raises and planks for core strength. A number of reps and sets that suit you with an increase of one i.e. 1 set and 1 rep, as it becomes less challenging.
Sam Z.
Bodyweight exercise is a great option! There are lots of apps, online videos, and more that can help you with that. Pay special attention to recovery that will allow your muscles to rebuild and grow.
Shan G.
You can always do body weight exercises, otherwise you can use items around your house as weights for more resistance too. I've bought an adjustable dumbbell set for my home to use where it can adjust from 5 to 50 lbs for each dumbell. I think I've read something about calisthenics where its bodyweight only workouts that build muscle, not 100% but worth checking.
Flor Ncia N.
Download this app from playstore: if you are iPhone user search the app in app store. In this app there are countless exercise made just for home workout. You can choose your goal in app and it will recommend you exercises suitable for you goal. Thanks
Anna T.
Incorporate weights into your routine. You don’t have to purchase weights, you can use water bottles or anything on hand that is evenly distributed. I saw a video of somebody lifting a couch in their routine. Just finding what works for you is the key.
Ethel P.
There is only so much muscle you can build at home without equipment. Using your own body weight for exercise is a great way to tone your body without equipment. If going to a gym isn’t an option for you or majority of your exercise will be done at home, it may be worth your while to invest in some at home weights. There are also plenty of apps and websites which can give you more information on how to build muscle while at home.
Krissel I.
Yoga has worked wonders for me ! There are different videos online that can teach the foundations and you can start at the beginning level to adapt yourself with the workouts. The great thing about yoga is that you do not required much equipment, a yoga mat will be the online piece of equipment required !
Quaresma Q.
I use a application called workout women, it is really nice and have nice programs in various levels beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Programs are daily short exercises but I believe after using it for several weeks now that my endurance is improving and I am building some muscle mass 🙂
Frida U.
The key to building muscle is doing few repetitions with great effort, and doing them SLOWLY. Try developing a bodyweight routine with a warm-up and a couple challenging exercises (you can find plenty online). Set yourself to do 3 sets of 10 reps with 1 min rests in between. Finally, track your progress and see if you can increase the challenge gradually.