I always find myself too busy to find time to exercise. How do you stay consistent with exercise?

Dajana F.
There are only two ways that I exercise,
1, a scheduled time and Location that NEVER varies, either a class or personal training.
2, I try to set up my daily routines to require more physical effort, like doing squats as i squeegee the shower, or squat when I take the milk out of the bottom shelf of my refrigerator for my morning coffee.
Cathrin U.
Well I consider exercise to be any physical activity. I work at Costco and start at 5 a.m. sooo my work out is the activity I do at work. I'm on my feet for 8+ hours a day. Which I class as my 8 minutes of exercise everyday even though it's more than 8 minutes. I also think of cleaning as exercise and any type of walking. I see this app as something to celebrate your small accomplishments even if it's something that you don't think is an accomplishment. Hope this helps 🙂
Andr Ia S.
I stay consistent with exercise by making it a point to walk my dog around the neighborhood every morning. By waking up a bit earlier, it gives me the extra time and push to incorporate light exercise into my routine.
Josini F.
Plan the exercise in advance and block the time you will dedicate to it in your calendar. Be specific on the exercise and look forward to it.

If it is still a "pain" to get going and exercise then at least show up. Have your clothes ready (the day before preferably) or put them on well before the planned exercise. That will make it easier to show up and once it's time to do the exercise, you're already ready and have no excuse to back out.

You will feel accomplished after the set exercise so just do it. It will improve your energy and self-esteem. Exercising is one of the best things you can do for yourself so show yourself the self-love and respect you deserve and get going.

It helps tremendously to find something you love and focus on that, whether it be going out for a walk, run, hit the gym, take a class, tennis, swim, or whatever workout that pleases you.

Good luck! You can do this 🙂

Theodore Z.
I always make time to exercise. I have found that making time rather than finding it is more helpful. Also using an app and getting a gym membership has helped.
Carrie Z.
I always try to switch it up and do more type of dancing for exercise because that's what I like to do. If you find something that you like to do excercise is easier. It's not easy, but it won't feel like you are dragging yourself to do it. Keeping the "I'm about to have some fun or relax (yoga/stretching)" feels less like "ugh I have to excercise"
Laura P.
I have different tiers of what I do. If I have to can take time, I'll do a long yoga session. If not, a short 10 minutes one. If I have no time at all, I will at least do some stretchs right out of bed. And if nothing works at all, I'll walk to work. No matter how small, I try to do something everyday because it's the momentum that keeps me going. That and remembering how good I feel during/after it.
Filippa U.
Do it as early in de day as possible. Also plan your workouts first and the rest of your activities around it. Not the other way around.
Rachel E.
There are a few ways I think.
1) Set the bar low. I remember when I first started, I was extremely extremely unfit so my coach set my a goal of just doing one push up a day. But the push up needs to be perfect form (no cutting corners!) Eventually from there I became more confident with my ability to exercise so managed to do more and maintain it as a habit.
2) Do it with someone. Sometimes (especially gym) gets really boring for me, so I like to ask someone out to go together
3) Do an exercise that you like. For me personally no other sports is as interesting to me as martial arts. Nowadays if I see an exercise routine I incorporate martial arts in it
Oscar P.
Even 5-10 mins of proper hard working out (feel it burning) is enough to remind me that I'm doing this and it makes me feel good and proud of myself. Especially if I do 10mins workout on a very tired or busy day.
Francesco Z.
If I find myself with a busy day ahead and I know I’m going to struggle to find time to exercise I will try my hardest to get to bed early the night before and set my alarm half an hour earlier for the busy day so I can wake up and fit that exercise in first thing, even if it’s only 15-20 minutes
Maria Luise F.
I try to look for ways I can get in exercise sneakily. Like walking to the shops instead of driving or waking my son to school. I’m a stay at home mum so I exercise by cleaning the house. Like really clean that floor! Mop it up like crazy. I can’t do a whole lot because of chronic back pain but I also try to do10 minute yoga sessions from phone apps too.
Franco U.
I exercise in the mornings, in ways that don't need special equipment or clothes, just roll out of bed, drink some water and get moving! That way, I can work up a sweat before I get in the shower, and not worry about it for the rest of the day. My kids join in with jumping jacks if they're awake, or climb on me while I'm doing push-ups, so it's not always focussed, but I try and get a good workout in every two days and a quick jump around on the off days. The kids love "morning dance parties" as a fun way to get going.
Odair P.
I've found that the best motivator is to always have basic active wear out, and to take progress shots every 4 days. I can then compare to 4 days ago, 2 weeks ago and a month ago and notice that my work is actually paying off. Even doing 10 minutes a day has helped me lose weight (even over Christmas when I'm not eating or drinking any better than usual.) Keep at it!
Andy C.
For me, I like to wake up early and exercise before I have something else to do. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, try doing a short exercise like 7-10 minutes. I’m sure you can find time for that in your day. Good luck!