What’s your trick for keeping a consistent workout routine?

Nikki B.
No trick. I just think about how happy I will feel once I complete that 1 task and then how happy I will be once my overall goal is met. I think of my goals more than the task
Magela S.
Find a routine that makes you feel good during and after. If you enjoy what you do, then it doesn't feel like a chore. Make changes gradual and not drastic. Start with 3 push ups, then work your way up to 10 or more.
Loiraci S.
The only way I've ever been able to keep a consistent workout routine is to make myself accountable to another person. That support has helped me get up and move when nothing else does.
Sasha E.
Motivation. It's easier when you have a goal: to run a half marathon in autumn, to learn handstand, to be fit and healthy, etc.