What to do when your back hurts?

Sandrino Z.
Take a little extra time doing some form of stretching exercises or yoga that specifically targets the back. Then whiIe during your main exercise use alternative methods that avoid causing extra strain
Sara N.
I have some excercises for back pain that I do when I need:
1- Bottom to heels stretch (10 times)
2- Opposite arm/leg raises (10 times)
3- Back extensions (10 times)
4- Bridges (10 times)
5- Knee rolls (10 times)
Ken S.
I had this experience twice and twice it went away but not on its own. Decide on finding out where it hurts and where the the pain originates. It is best to avoid movement that would affect the origin of your pain. Next, keep moving. Yes, by suffering in bed, it will get worse. Walking will show you which muscles will be able to support your back while the nerve heals. Also, on your stomach, raise your head arms and legs gently and hold for two seconds, then go longer each day. Wait two weeks before any sign of relief will probably occur in the healing process. No sudden movements are advised! Good luck.