Is a short (10 minute) walk around my neighborhood enough to say I started my day with exercise?

Julia W.
Yes of course! 10 minutes is plenty. Getting the habit started is just about doing something, even the smallest things count. As long as you're getting into the habit you're well on your way. Keep it going!
Zahra U.
Actually no I walking in the park about 40 minutes so it's great , i see people exercising so I get some energy for starting my day perfectly 🙂 10 minutes is too short
Adam Z.
Definitely. To begin with you are building habits so if a 10min walk is what you can manage first off then great. Once that habit is stronger then you might extend it to 20mins or turn it into a run. It is about finding what works for you and making little changes to achieve your goals. You will make mistakes occasionally but be honest with yourself, be kind to yourself and don't give up! 😊
Rowena F.
Of course! If you feel it’s not enough, then it can just be a start for now. You can slowly build it up if you want. I think it’s a perfectly good way to exercise in the morning.
Jonathan C.
For starting yes it is good , but day after day the more time we increase although slightly its better for our muscles,mind and