What is your morning exercise of choice?

Diane R.
I like to switch it up depending on how I’m feeling in the morning. Anything from a low intensity walk or yoga and Pilates to strength training focusing on one part of the body to a HIIT cardio blast. I enjoy doing a variety and generally decide the night before what I want to do but if I wake up feeling like it’s too much I’ll pick a lower intensity option.
Savannah Gillette F.
I take a short (usually 10-20 minute) walk every morning right after I wake up. While I walk, I pray about the things I am grateful for, the things and people I am worried about, and my plans for the future and that day. It helps me be in a better mood and feel more energized and able to take on the day. It even helps a little with my general aches and pains most of the time.
Lucien Z.
I walk my dog about half a mile every morning. She gets the exercise she needs and I do too. This kind of exercise also incentives me to get up early because if I walk her too late in the day it will be really hot and uncomfortable