What is your cardio and strength ratio and what kind of exercise do you do?

Ellen F.
I don't really know what de ratio is because I like to mix them together in excersises like dancing, pilates and yoga. I also run.

Priscila T.
My only rule for exercising is it’s gotta be free. So for cardio I find Fitness Blender gives you a great variety of routines with or without equipment. I do also Yoga regularly with Yoga with Adrienne (both in YouTube ) and also running 🏃🏻‍♀️

Anna X.
I prefer cardio. Do it 60-80% of my exercise routine if I exercise at all. 10% is stretching and 20-30% are strength workouts. Usually I just put on some of workouts video of one of russian groups about body care called #sekta. Sometimes in my life I run. Now while we're not allowed to go outside I do stairs. Did 80 floors yesterday again, feeling myself a hero haha.

Lias F.
Lately I have been walking daily. I complete yoga workouts like three times a week. I occasionally walk our dog. I like challenges.

Lesi N.
I am still working on my cardio strength exercise. Right now I go between the 1 min, 4 min and 7 min exercise. So maybe 20 s intervals

Mahala O.
Not very good at the moment with gyms being closed. I try and get 30mins of some form of cardio a day. When I'm back into the gym I lift weights and do alot of unilateral movements

Arnd S.
I don't know about that ratio. I can't say! I do 15 minutes of excercise daily including stretch and core abs excercise!

Kathryn N.
The kind of exercise that I do is usually yoga or ballet but I sometimes do exercises that focus on one part of the body or if I’m having a endometriosis or ibs flare up then I would just do something light like meditation or exercise that focuses on digestion etc… I hope that this helps!!!???

Yasm N J.
My cardio and strength are terrible. I have not exercised intensively in a long while. Even carrying my baby in my arms gives me muscle fatigue. I am trying to go for a brisk walk every morning to build momentum to start exercising more and more. Im tired of feeling weak and tired all the time.