How do you keep motivated when your schedule changes a bit?

Samuel Q.
If you remind yourself that you don't have to tackle the change for the rest of your life and instead break it down to the next moment, then hour, then day, than week – it's already become second nature rather than a huge scary change.
Lauriana Z.
even if my schedule changes i try to keep the small goal as part of my routine, just something as simple as making sure i have that glass of water when i wake up can make me feel so much more in control
Gg N.
I know life can get hectic, but don’t let yourself get in a slump! To start the day, turn on some nice music, something that pumps you up and gets you ready for the day. As you go through the day, celebrate your accomplishments. I’m not talking about a party, but just doing something like saying, “Hey! I did it! I got this!” to yourself. What I personally do is do a little happy dance. I know it sounds cliche, but it WORKS! At the end of the day, take some time to celebrate your accomplishments. Take a nice bath, journal, or practice mindfulness. Just do you!
Emilija A.
If I see the meaning and purpose of my duties, the motivation is not a problem. If I don’t, then things get more chaotic. But even that is sometimes necessary to feel the urge for coming back to rhythm.
Peg W.
If I know a schedule change is coming I try to plan ahead, but I also struggle with this. The food is easier to manage than finding exercise times.